Launch of the HEART SPACE on Jan. 2021… a Holistic Healing and Transformative Space in Penang

Announcing the launch of the HEART SPACE on Jan. 2021… a Holistic Healing and Transformative Space in Penang


The Heart Space Collective is please to come together to create both a physical and virtual space that serves the interest of people


A Holistic Healing and Transformative Space for the higher purpose of personal & collective evolution.


*Transforming Lives into Wellness, Freedom and Joy!

* Supporting a Heart-based connection with Self, Others and the Planet according to the following guiding principles.


* Healing with Integrity, Love and Compassion;

* Working for the Highest Good of All – regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender and sexual preference;

* Self-Empowerment, Spiritual Awareness & Upliftment;

* Collaboration & Partnerships with Unity Consciousness & fair abundance exchange.


The HEART SPACE supports your mental, emotional, physical, energetic & spiritual well-being through:

* Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy

*Transformative Coaching* Physiotherapy

* Energy Profiling, Chakra and Energy Healing

* Crystal Channeling, Crystal Healing and Arrays, and Training

* Intuitive Energy and Voice-Sound Healing

* Multidimensional Chakra Healing with Channeling

* Sound Healing Therapy with Singing bowl

* Tarot Card Reading and Training

* Chakra Yoga and gentle yoga – Private and group sessions

* “Speak to a Friend” – peer support for young persons


* Sarah-Joy Amin – (Chakra Energy Healer/Chakra Yoga Instructor/Inner Dance facilitator/Holistic Counsellor & Psychotherapist)

* Katrina Rowland – (Herbalist/Crystal channeler/Teacher of Tarot, Crystal & Energy Healing)

* Kok Su Lynn (Physiotherapist/Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga Teacher)

* Tham LiSue (Physiotherapist)

* Tan Han How (Sound Therapist

* Maya Nair (Youth volunteer/Psychology graduate)

For more information, contact the Heart Space Collective via our fb messenger feature at

Love and Light, Sarah-Joy





Consider a Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy skype session with the challenging situation facing many of us in recent times:- including the fear of illness and infections, restriction in movement and freedoms, loss of family or separation from family, potential loss of employment and income, increased stress levels with family and children at home, among some of the problems you may be facing.

I am offering online sessions on appointment basis. If you’re looking for a holistic, caring and intuitive approach to therapy then contact me for further information or to book a session. I support people from all walks of life regardless of race, religion, class, age, gender or sexual preference. All my sessions are totally respectful, caring of your needs, private and confidential. I abide by the Code of Ethics set out by the Psychotherapy and Counsellors Federation of Australia (PACFA) as well as the Malaysian Association of Psychotherapy (MPA).

For more information n fees on Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy check out my website page:

WHO AM I… Musings during this Equinox


I AM SPIRIT! I AM MIND! I AM BODY! I AM all these and at the same time, NONE of these! I am the air I breathe, the space I stand on and the space I move about in, I am SOUL in my actions and my movements creating the energy and thought forms in my environment that interact back with me. I am in constant engagement with my feet, my arms, my face… my self, I am Light that pours through the morning hours and the Light that fades into the dark night… I am the vibration I hear and feel… I am that which I feel and touch, I am also that which I look at and see as separate and Other. How can I reach out to the Other without the distance of space between us? Yet, the space between us allows me to see that which is outside of me and yet NOT truly ever outside of me. In this apparition of duality, I come to know myself through the Other. Through the apparition of duality I come to learn about the Oneness of All Things! The integration of Self with the cosmos … My Art is the journey of interdependence to reconnect the Parts, to become Whole… to bring others into Wholeness through my soul work… through seeing you and Other as perfect as they Are!

I AM THE FORCE, THE MAGIC IN THE UNIVERSE… Find me, play with me… as I see you and Play with you! The journey to wholeness is the journey through the forest of pain and separation into the plateau of equanimity, spaciousness, Light and Love!

Transformative Coaching – 2018 special package towards personal empowerment

Transformative Coaching 2018

I am offering a New Year special for my Transformative Coaching programme called TRANSFORMATIVE JOURNEY in January only for RM1,288! Normal price for four sessions is RM1,388. Book in January for this special but start any time. Choose to transform now as you enter the New Year, 2018!

Transformative Coaching

TRANSFORMATIVE JOURNEY is a four session Coaching Programme, each approximately two-hours, using a variety of EMPOWERMENT coaching techniques, positive affirmations, channeled guidance, yoga and breath work, including several energy healing sessions to support emotional release, heart centering, chakra balancing and a personal visioning programme to start you off in your new life. The sessions can be spaced out over 3-4 months or whatever timeframe that suits you but no more than 6 months. I will meet with you every few weeks or at least once a month for our sessions. In between sessions you will have homework to practice self-healing and self-empowerment techniques which we will review in each following session.

Underlying these sessions is the aspect of personal responsibility for healing, growth and empowerment. MAKE A COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF TODAY to be the person you truly want to be….

TRANSFORMATION is such an amazing process! Most people will not be able to truly understand transformation until they are either going through the process themselves or have reached a significant milestone in their growth and, upon looking back, CAN notice how far they have come! The process leading up to transformation can seem scary or overwhelming, especially if one is submerge in constant problems and states of mental confusion.

A TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY dares you to choose differently for a greater reward often unimaginable!Great JOY, WELLNESS and FREEDOM is available to everyone, if only you decide to take that courageous step forward.


Namaste with love and joy! Sarah-Joy
Check more check out this link


chakra yoga classes with Sarah-Joy

As the New Year 2018 approaches, I am happy to continue three group chakra yoga and other yoga classes for the first half of the year. The details are as follows below. Each class caters to a different audience, so if you’re not sure which class to join please contact me.

I’m also offering PRIVATE YOGA & Healing sessions. Energy exchange for a private yoga session is RM120 per hour or RM180 for 1.5 hours. Each class caters to your personalised needs. Where needed, I also offer a combination of yoga and energy healing for RM220 for a 1.5 hour session. Other energy healing sessions are mentioned in more detail in the link here



** CHAKRA YOGA Classes – Monday, 10-11.30am

Trial classes on 8 and 15 January 2018 at RM30 per class at The Space, Elaine Yoga studio, Tanjong Bungah.

CHAKRA YOGA includes the practice of Hatha yoga, pranayama (breath practices), raja yoga (concentration meditation and visualisation practices) as well as yoga nidra and meditation. It is a complete practice for self awakening physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Chakra Yoga focuses on a combination of inner and outer practices in order to help you to develop your whole self by working with both the physical and energetic bodies, through your chakra system.

Classes are suitable for those who have attended at least the Chakra Yoga Level 1 course and regular serious yoga practitioners interested to go deeper into their practice. Those who attended level 2 will have a chance to deepen your practices of Pancha Sahita and Swadiyaya (self-reflection and understanding) and other techniques.

Chakra Yoga classes are based on the teachings of my own teacher David Goulet, a yogi of over 45 years practice. David studied directly under Swami Gitananda, a doctor and yogi. David founded the Pyramid Yoga school in Thailand and the Philippines offering Yoga Teacher Trainings on Chakra Yoga. For more information on Chakra Yoga check out the following website link:

Full season of 10 classes begins on Monday 19 February 2018. The 10 class card is valid for 3 months up to 15 May 2018 (depending on your start date). Fee: RM300 for 10 classes.

** GENTLE YOGA CLASSES begin on Wednesday 3 January from 10-11.30am at The Space, Elaine Yoga studio, Tanjong Bungah.

Every Wednesday morning come practice with a group of lovely women. Be ready to nurture yourself with soft music, gentle movements, stretches and slow strength building exercises, lots of deep breathing, and relaxation. Gentle yoga classes works to harmonise your body, mind and emotions so that you feel more balanced and restored after each class. Suitable for those without yoga background as well as those with minor back, shoulder and neck injuries. Classes may be different each week in order to ensure a more balanced and whole practice over the 3 month period.

Book space and purchase your 10 class card valid for 3 months for RM280 only! Single class rate at RM33.

I look forward to work with you to support you in your healing and nurturing journey back to greater health and well-being. Namaste!

** CHAKRA YOGA classes every Thursday night – 7.00-8.30pm at Lifeworks Holistic Centre

Energy exchange of RM300 for 10 classes over 3 months or RM35 per class.

This class combines elements of the Monday Chakra Yoga class but focuses more on dynamic asanas and some elements of flow (Vinyasa). This is a smaller group due to the limited space so more individualised attention is provided.


* INNER DANCE (private and group sessions)

For my information about Sarah-Joy and her work check out her

Contact me for further information or to make bookings: hp 016-488 9328

Science of Chakra Yoga reaches greater numbers in Penang, 29 May


SCIENCE OF CHAKRA YOGA, a 3 hour workshop was held in Penang on Monday 29 May with the very experienced yogi, David Goulet. He summarised a 3 day workshop that was to be held in Bali days later, into a 3 hours session to benefit the greater number of students and yoga practitioners interested in the energy world and yoga as a means of self healing.

David covered the energetic qualities of each chakra, their co-relation to the known forces in science and the Universe, as well as the connections and influence of each chakra energy field has on the human body particularly via the Endocrine system, hormone producing glands, the nervous system and the direct co-relation between our Body and our Mind.

Known as the “Breath-Man” or rather the Breath-Guru, David as he would often do, taught the 3 part yogic breath with simple movements to ensure expansion of the lungs. Most people hardly breath well let alone adequately, and in most diseased bodies, deep and expansive breathing to ensure full oxygen flow is central. He talked about how with proper breath we also take in cosmic energy or prana/chi into our energy field nourishing our chakras and thus  the corresponding physical glands, nerve plexus and organs.

Understanding the chakra system facilitates a yoga practice that goes well beyond the usual asana or fitness based yoga, to include the deeper practices of pranayama (breathing techniques or rather energy control practices), concentration meditation, and the other higher forms of yoga.

With a focus on the AJNA Chakra, David shared a brief introduction to the yogic science of Yantra Yoga. Yantra has to do with the structure of the Universe, the energy signature of each chakra frequency (patterns) that take the forms of symbols and sacred geometry, as well as the yogic field of numerology which includes the timing of life cycles and processes.  The group was fascinated learning about their Birth Path numbers, its significance and the chakra energies and meaning associated with the three main phases of a person’s life.

The participants had many questions following the workshop. This was to be expected given that the workshop was an introduction to the deeper subject of the Science of Chakra Yoga.

I’m happy to answer questions and share more on the simple aspects of Yantra and numerology as well as the science of chakra yoga upon my return to Penang in August. I will embark on a new round of Chakra yoga classes level 1 in August and level 2 series in Sept 2017.

Thanks to all for joining. Please remember to maintain your practice starting with the BREATH… Remember to take as many breath breaks as you take tea or coffee breaks 🙂 Namaste!



How often does one get the opportunity to meet a person on the path of enlightenment so down to earth and ready to work with anyone interested on true healing and their inner transformation and freedom?

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet INNER DANCE FOUNDER who is a global leader in spiritual transformation and ecological movements around the world. After two years of building up interest in Inner Dance among the residents of Penang, our community here is finally ready for Pi and to go deeper into their inner journeys. I’m so honoured Pi is taking time to visit us and to share so much of his wisdom and experience with those of us interested in deepening our own self awareness and self-transformation.

In 2003, Pi Villaraza left a corporate career in Marketing Communications in his childhood Manila to embark on a sanyassin’s journey into the unknown depths of mind, body and spirit. Walking across the South Philippines for one year without contacts or money, Pi eventually lived as a hermit in a deserted beach in Palawan province for two years where he experienced a profound awakening while living mostly on a live foods mono-diet diet of coconuts.

In his solitary innerwork, Pi entered into deep trance states where energy flowed through his body, sweeping his physical controls into spontaneous energy systems that took many more years later to integrate into a fascinating global movement that has officially been reported in many books, documentaries, articles and studies for how expanded states of consciousness takes place. The energy that Pi discovered has led to radical healing methods that are still being studied now for its efficacy in helping people’s minds and bodies to self-regenerate.

Pi is offering three sessions in Penang next week: two INTRO SESSIONS on Wed 19 April, 10am-12.30pm and another at night from 7-9.30pm; as well as a deeper workshop on understanding our Mind and Consciousness on Thursday 20 April, 10am-1.30pm. If you’re interested, please contact me, Sarah-Joy Amin, ASAP, as spaces are filling up quickly. Workshop is full unless any cancellations. Some spaces still available in the Intro sessions especially the night session. Namaste, peace and Joy!

Chakra Yoga Level 1 Course ends today beautifully!



The first 2017 Chakra Yoga Level 1 Course ended today beautifully! I’m so pleased that the 8 week course addressed all the 7 chakras and gave attention predominantly to the value and necessity of proper breathing practices. It was also my first time teaching the course so fluidly facing one challenge after another with venue and the lack of power point access until towards the last two classes. However, what this taught me was to be more fluid, more reaching inward to using all that I’ve already learned and practiced. It indeed made for better and more responsive classes.

The course covered a general overview of the Chakras on the first lesson, what they mean, why are they important to know and work with and then the value of breathing correctly right from day 1. From then each week the class learned about one chakra per week, understanding the physiological aspects as well as the socio-emotional aspects of each chakra. We also practiced the related asanas and related breath and concentration meditation practice. Each class build on the earlier lessons. My style of teaching is quite didactic. Students were often asked to give me feedback on how their practice felt or asked questions about any experiences they had. I fostered questions and a thinking and responsive mind. Even the shy ones in class become much more responsive by the time we worked on the Throat chakra.

Wherever opportunity arose I made links to different spiritual traditions and a healthy belief system that could take people deeper into their practice and understanding about energies and the world outside of the physical senses. I really enjoyed so many of the students’ sharing when they linked it to their own personal and spiritual experiences or their inner dance journeys. The lessons were certainly rich, fluid and responded also to the situation and circumstances of the day.

It was a delight that we had a combination of outdoor and indoor classes, almost equal in number. Through this shift of venues, students who would not have otherwise practiced outdoor came to appreciate how nature can actually enhance one’s practice just by us tuning in to the abundance and healing chi and prana all around. Even the sounds of nature were often fodder for guided meditations.

The last class started next to the open space and shrine of Lord Shiva, the originator of Yoga thousands of years ago.  I took the occasion to explain the symbolism behind Shiva-Shakti energy and the corresponding symbolisms of the serpent-kundalini power as well as helping students to better understand how a personal spiritual practice which is open and compassion can take us much further in our own evolution.

So much more to say, but for now just to share my gratitude and appreciation for the 20 odd students – some who came for all 8 sessions and some for fewer than that – but all who came committed interested and most I dare say gained a lot in just 8 weeks.

The next round of CHAKRA YOGA LEVEL 1 COURSE will commence in Sept 2017. Dates to be announced later. Meanwhile an 8 week round of Chakra Yoga class series will commence in 2 weeks time on Monday 27 March.


Namaste and blessings! Sarah-Joy







What a satisfying INNER DANCE Workshop today! Twelve people, majority have tasted at least one if not more Inner dance journeys and 4 new comers yet came open to the experience. After holding monthly Inner Dance circles for over a year now, I felt there were enough people in Penang ready and wanting to go deeper and understand this mysterious “force” or energy that bedazzles and bewilders… that takes you so much into yourself, that flows and breathes through you, that sees you and through you, and that lets you tastes what you normally wouldn’t experience in normal waking states nor even in regular meditations. The time for the workshop to shift deeper into one’s learning and knowing was ripe today!

The session began with the question WHAT AM I? It got people thinking or rather exploring what the question felt like internally. Answers came both during the conversation, but deeper answers were revealed and RE-MEMBERED when each went into their own “dance”- feeling it, knowing it so much more fully. I was so happy to see a returning participant after 4 times of not being able to experience much, this time opened up so much to her Self and her Being. Tears of happiness flowed when she could finally feel and allow this energy to flow through her.

Others are still sharing with me messages they received in the dance of knowingness that flowed so beautifully and clearly, even though there were moments of release and sadness. Answers coming from that the heart space of Oneness and non-duality is pure knowingness… powerful, deep and clear!

Even our new friends experienced the non-locality of Mind, how Consciousness is felt outside the body. A few participants spoke about how they felt several pairs of hands touching them, another heard me at the other end of the room, yet felt my touch. It was an awesome moment for the group to hear more similar sharings of non-locality. It became more apparent that Consciousness  is not attached to the body, but is free to roam –  anywhere around the room and beyond to different states of being and places! Such an opening for many in the room. Science is only now showing more and more examples of non-locality of Mind and Consciousness, something mystics of the past and those in deep inner practices have long known. I’m so pleased this realisation came through so clearly today!

I continue to be in a state of awe and gratitude for this beautiful gift from Pi and the Inner Dance community. As I share it, this practice helps others to awaken more to their Truth, their Light and their Joy… I’m also always in such amazement when I can bring useful frameworks like the Chakra System together with the Inner Dance frameworks, understanding the wave, the power of sound, brain wave states, energy and vibration and all of that which leads to our greater freedom in every way.

Thank you all for today, to Pi, a true teacher and all my other teachers! In love I serve… Namaste! Sarah-Joy