Courses & Workshops


CHAKRA YOGA Level 1 - 8 week series

This 8 week series will introduce you to the energy world of the Chakras, cover the basics about each  chakra: their physical, emotional and mental aspects. You will learn the related asanas, basic pranayama (breathing exercises) and simple concentration & visualisation techniques.

The course takes one chakra per week covering each of the seven major chakras, starting with the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras with one week focusing on learning the full yogic breath through learning the sectional Three Part Breath.

It is often so satisfying for me to witness students committed to just the 8 weeks already learning, understanding and transforming internally. Depending on the group, the students are expected to share an assignment on Chakra yoga as well as teach a couple of asanas or breath practice 🙂  They leave with a deeper appreciation of how their body, mind, emotions and soul all come together in transforming their lives and finding more peace, health and joy!

CHAKRA YOGA Level 2 - 8-10 week series (started in 2017)

This 8 -10 week course will go deeper into the Inner practices of yoga once students have a basic foundation on the chakras (their qualities and energy), hatha yoga asanas, the Three-part yogic breath and other techniques such as savitri and concentration meditation. Level 2 will strengthen and build on some of the practices in Level 1 but will introduce and/or focus on:

* New Pranayama techniques, particularly the Pancha Sahita Pranayama for healing all key internal organs and activates the 5 types of pranas. In so doing, all seven chakras and body functions are enhanced;

* Self-Reflection or sense withdrawal (Pratyahara) and Meditation (single pointed and other related techniques) so that one can further develop one’s mind with more ease, better concentration and stillness;

* The Grunthis (Knots) and the Bandhas (Locks)– understanding the 3 main barriers to inhibiting our evolution and awakening of energy flow, as well as the practices of the 3 locks (bandhas) as a means to undo these blocks.

* Initial Raja Yoga techniques like learning about the basic chakra mandalas/shapes and their energetic meanings while including them into your visualisations and concentration practices.

* Karma Yoga, including a few Healing techniques working along the spine and Chakra massage which is a form of energy healing.

* Learning some core Mantras that you can add to your daily practice; and understanding how mantras and sound vibration can heal your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states.

* Satsang (dharma discussion) – you will be introduced to the concept of satsang wherein spiritual concepts are discussed so that each student leaves with a little more understanding about the nature of the Self and what it means to evolve spiritually.

Regular Chakra yoga students are encouraged to upgrade their knowledge and practice by taking Level 2. The course is also suitable for yoga teachers and regular yoga practitioners wishing to deepen their inner practices. If you haven’t had any prior exposure to Chakra Yoga before, you are recommended to do the Chakra Yoga Level 1 – 8 weeks series or at least the one day Chakra Yoga workshop (available upon demand with 4-5 other participants).

NEXT LEVEL 2 in Sept – Oct 2017. Look out for updates or contact me. The next round will most likely be a 12 week course.

Level 1 and 2 courses are based on the Chakra Yoga teachings of my own teacher David Goulet, a yogi of over 45 years practice. David studied directly under Swami Gitananda, a doctor and yogi. David founded the Pyramid Yoga school in Thailand and the Philippines offering Yoga Teacher Trainings on Chakra Yoga.

CHAKRA YOGA WORKSHOPS -Half day or One-day

The two half day or one full day workshop covers similar content as the Chakra Yoga 8 week course but in less detail
and with less time for asana practice. This is suitable for students who are not able to commit to a full 8 weeks but still would like a preliminary understanding of the Chakra Yoga System. The half day workshop is about 3.5hours while the full day workshop would be 7.5 hours with a lunch break.

I can organise and schedule Chakra Yoga workshops based upon requests .


Back Health & Pain management


Given my personal history of over 2 decades of back pains, sometimes rather agonising, I was drawn to organise several “Love your Back” workshops for spinal health care as I have benefited immensely from yoga’s healing power. The two-part workshop helps students learn how to use simple yoga techniques, asana practices, as well as breath and relaxation techniques for both pain management as well as strengthening back exercises for long term maintenance of back health. A key ingredient in the workshop is changing participants’ belief systems and mindset so that they leave with faith in themselves as healers and with an attitude that they CAN heal their bodies if they only believe!


Workshop on Women’s Health and Well-Being… through Movement, Breath and Affirmations!

Take a yogic journey of working with the chakra energies through postures, breath, sounds and affirming words. Come experience a holistic way to “release” the WOMAN within.

This workshop uses yoga postures, body work, awareness, affirmations and breath exercises to be in touch with your body, sensations, feelings, and negative thought patterns to release blocked energies and stuck emotions.