Through my own healing journey I have come to appreciate a range of energy healing modalities and respect the diverse forms of energy healing practices now available in person and online. Through my Chakra Yoga practices and Inner Dance journey I have derived a more fluid and intuitive form of energy healing in 2015 and then went on to train more specifically with Solara Anra, a world renown channeler and healer, to learn the Multi-dimensional Chakra Healing which amazingly pulled together everything I had learned from others and from my Inner Guru into a more specific modality which I now love and find so powerful.

It uses SOUND and the power of the Higher Dimensions to work with each of us according to our healing needs.

At present I offer three forms of Energy Healing sessions:

a) Multi-dimensional Chakra Healing (1.5 hours)

b) Intuitive Energy Healing (1.5 hours); and

c) Yoga combined with Energy Healing (1.5 hours).



Energy HealingMuch of one’s physical illness, mental stresses and emotional instability arise from imbalances in the chakras and a weak auric field. Multi-dimensional Chakra Healing works to clear, balance, restore and activate your chakras and entire energy/auric field leaving you feeling more whole and positive.

Multi-dimensional healing uses a range of techniques from 
* sound healing, particularly through the voice, to open/ clear/ connect chakras;
* psychic surgery;
* chakra/energy body healing working in the energy field and with the 13 chakras, including the Sacred Heart chakra and the cosmic and earth star chakras at the top and bottom of the aura;
* Pleiadian/Arcturian/Sirian Chambers of Light – which will place you in a certain grid frequency according to what is needed, and possibly
* Channeled messages.

Crystals and essentials oils are often added to enhance the session when needed.Sound Healing

You will feel more relaxed and a greater sense of wholeness after the session, including a greater openness to bring in new and positive aspects in your life as your energy bodies are more in alignment.

Longer sessions include transformative coaching and guidance.

Energy Exchange is RM280 for 1.5 hours or RM333 for 2 hours. (USD70/AUD90 for 1.5 hours/USD85/AUD120 for 2 hours for overseas payment via paypal))

Zoom sessions are also available. Please contact me separately for payment process if you do not live in Penang. Energy Exchange for an International session is USD$80 for 1.5 hours. USD20 per additional half hour.


Sound Healing

Energy HealingI also offer an Intuitive Energy Healing as well as more General Chakra balancing and healing for the seven chakras. The session uses some of the techniques from the Multi-dimensional Chakra Healing modality, especially voice toning and sound instruments, as well as crystals and essential oils. This is mainly a lying down modality but can be done sitting up as well.

Energy Exchange is RM270 for 1.5 hours


Sound, especially voice and toning, forms the basis of much of my healing work.

The field of sound healing may not Sound Healingyet be fully established in science and evidence-based research. But there is sufficient convergence of certain principles to trust there is a basis to sound healing.

Vibration and energy are inherent in sound. They are also inherent in us as human beings. Our entire bodies, as with the entire material part of the universe, consist of atoms. The inner structure of atoms is not static but is in constant energy flux and vibrations.

The mathematics for understanding music (sounds and tones) embodies concepts and equations also employed in understanding atomic physics. “Atoms are musical instruments, and the light they emit makes their tones visible.” [Frank Wilczek (Noble Prize in Physics) in A Beautiful Question, 2015].

Within that continuum, sound healing seeks to reach one’s physical and energy bodies resonating, energising and healing them. In the hands of a skilled, guided practitioner a receptive subject/client can benefit in body, mind and soul!

Chakra Yoga

I also offer a combination of Chakra Yoga & Energy Healing in a 1.5hour session. Here we do about 45 minutes to an hour of yoga with breath work to release tension, move the energies with breath, some concentration techniques and relaxation, then begin the energy healing during the relaxation. The energy healing will include clearing, balancing and restoring relevant chakras and the auric field. Essential oils and crystals are used as and when needed to support the energy healing work.

Energy Exchange is RM250 for 1.5 hours



Testimonial from Reya, USA & Thailand.
As a chakra healer, Sarah is incredibly intuitive and responsive to the client’s needs. The entire session I felt completely taken care of, as Sarah explained everything calmly and clearly. Our session began with about 30-40 minutes of discussing at length what brought me in. As I talked about what I was working through, she could sense disturbances in my aura when I myself felt darker, heavier. The initial conversation allowed me the opportunity to fully express my obstacles and expectations for our session – Sarah listened with complete openness and offered tremendous insights throughout. After the in-depth consultation, we proceeded to the healing room. Sarah went about her work, using various sounds, crystals, and movements to uncover and remove the blockages in my chakras.

I learned so much about myself in this session and received so much guidance – practical tools to use in everyday life as well as clarity about my core identity. Sarah allowed me to record the session, speaking to her generosity and the fact that she truly cares about our growth. I believe Sarah sees and experiences life beyond three dimensions and it is a privilege that she shares this gift with others. I have no idea how or why, but when we first met she felt compelled to call me by my childhood nickname. Her space is also clear, positively energized, and feels completely safe and calm.Sarah is tuned in on so many levels and offers people a chance to heal beyond just this place and time. As I write this, I breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing so much more about myself, my purpose, and my evolution. I cannot wait to work with her again as my journey unfolds. Thank you, Sarah. ❤

From Krisztina Mercozi, English teacher and Dance facilitator, Hungary and Penang

Thank you very much for your multi-dimensional healing session this week. I felt save throughout the whole journey – which turned out to be a 2-hour-long one 🙂 I felt your presence, groundedness, you knew what you were doing, which instrument and healing tool to use in each moment. You opened yourself for spirit, to flow through you, and gave the best for me. It was a very intense session for me, very holding, nurturing, with clear messages. The shift was strong in my body and could feel the higher energy’s presence for much longer after I left. I can warmly recommend Sarah’s healing work if you have some blockages in your body, there’s no flow in any areas of your life, or just need clarity in something . Grateful to have met you Sarah, and happy for your presence Here and Now 🙂 Love, Krisztina

From Klana Andrea Ludwig, Massage therapist and Counsellor, Ibiza, Spain
“The session I had with you was awesome! You created a cosy environment and I felt completely at ease. Your voice touched my heart and the instruments you used let me instantly move my body. The messages you channeled for me resonated with me, one of them was surprising. I walked out completely delighted and recommended you immediately to my friends who also loved their sessions with you.”

From Kim Saunders, UK and Penang
” Sarah-Joy’s Energy Healing work is extremely powerful and positive and I personally, have benefited greatly from it. I had always wondered what having chakras aligned really meant. The healing energy work balances or rebalances the chakra energies in one’s body and mind promoting a positive feeling of wellness and calm and releases blockages within one’s physical and mental system.”

From Gosia Cano, expat in Penang

“I had a wonderful experience during the healing session with Sarah. Although I was a bit nervous at first as I did not know what to expect, Sarah made me feel ease as soon as we started. I could feel her positive energy and warm personality, so I felt relaxed and very comfortable. In the presence of her guides, she clarified what was standing in my way of not being able to move forward in my journey. She helped me get rid of a doubt that I had and made me realize what path I should take in my life.

I really needed to hear these reassuring words. When we finished, I felt like a huge stone was lifted off my shoulder and I felt pure joy in my soul. No wonder Sarah’ s middle name is Joy… Jokes aside, I want to thank Sarah for having this wonderful gift to guide and help others in their journey.”