2018 New Year Meditation – Activating your 12 Chakra System for 5D Living


Time : 5.00pm until 6.15pm

Venue : Tanlong Tokong. Register and contact me for address

Website :

Fees : RM50

Organised/Facilitated by : Chakra Yoga & Energy Healing / Sarah-Joy Amin

2018 New Year Meditation - Activating your 12 Chakra System
-- shift into a sustained 5D Consciousness!

Time: 5-6.15pm. Venue: Tanjong Tokong, Penang. Register and ask for address.
Energy Exchange: RM50
For more information and to book your space contact me: Sarah-Joy at 016-488 9328 or facebook message me at Chakra Yoga & Energy Healing

After contemplating on what to offer our Penang community of Light to usher in the New Year, 2018, I felt the energy of my teacher, Solara Anra, to share her teachings and offer a meditation on igniting the 12 Chakra System again.

Many spiritual teachers have talked about 2018 as coming in with a big push even before the New Year actually starts, and sustaining the 5D (5th Dimensional) reality that many of us are starting to experience over the past months or even past years of spiritual awakening and development. In other words, sustaining a higher and more aware state of consciousness on a continued basis, even outside of usual meditation. 

An active 12 Chakra System in your body and mind supports one in staying in a 5D frequency more often. The 5 external chakras help to anchor your Higher Self reality into this time and space. An activated Soul Star chakra, for example, will help you better connect with your soul tribe, soul family and ensure you are well supported and not alone. I'm therefore offering this New Year meditation to support each of you in your recent shift or on-going personal transformation and spiritual development.

If you feel a calling to be in a space to meet with other bearers of Light or to be in a high vibrational space and circle, come join me this Friday, 5 Jan at 5pm. Bring your favourite crystals or any sacred object to be part of the power circle.

Looking forward to holding space of the highest vibration as we shift into 2018! Love and Namaste!

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