Free Online Serenity Meditation – SACRED DANCE with Krisztina Mezosi

21 - 21May2020
Free Online Serenity Meditation – SACRED DANCE with Krisztina Mezosi

Venue : The ZOOM Heart-space

Website :

Organised/Facilitated by : Chakra Yoga & Energy Healing / 0164889328


A SACRED DANCE Movement Meditation

A Community Service by Krisztina Mezosi in collaboration with Chakra Yoga & Energy Healing

Thursday, 21 May, 2020 - 8.00-8.30pm - Venue: The ZOOM Heart-Space!


We are a collective of Light workers based in Malaysia wanting to offer our community service during this changing/ challenging period of Covid-19, by collaborating to hold a free half hour online meditation weekly to support anyone in need of calm, balance, peace and perspective. Since not everyone can avail of healing sessions, counselling or other forms of support, one way is to connect in a calm, serene meditative space. This will be our 7th week offering the free meditation as a service to all in Malaysia and friends from anywhere around the world who can benefit.

Each week's meditation is being led by a different Light worker facilitator so we bring you different styles of meditation as well as variety for you to experience divine energies in new ways!

This week we offer a special movement meditation in the form of a Sacred Dance led by Krisztina Mezosi from Hungary. This is the write up from Krisztina about her offering:

Sacred Dance

We’ll be moving slowly from inner to outer space and expanding into our own movements. We anchor with breath and practise how to re-start in every moment. Our sacred dance is dedicated to soften into who we are and to make space for the new to arrive. The following day is New Moon which is filled with choices and possibilities. By coming back to the body and move with what is present there we practise how to find the next step in our life.

In your movement meditation there are no steps to learn, you dance the way your body wants to move. By giving permission to ourselves to move freely, we bring connection, freedom and transformation to our lives.

Let the body communicate the language of your Soul.

Dance like nobody’s watching 🙂


Do invite your friends and whoever you feel will benefit. We ask that you share this announcement with your family and contacts through social media and other means so that more can benefit. I want to thank my student Khor Pee Ling for hosting this zoom Serenity Meditation each week and for her generosity and kindness in doing so for each of us.

All you need to do is to click on the link below and enter the password when you are prompted to. 🙂

Sarah-Joy Amin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Time: May 21, 2020 08:00 PM Kuala Lumpur

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 828 8638 6354
Password: 360716

All are invited as long as you hold a positive energy of love, compassion and unity. Together we can be of service for the collective  as One Race, One Humanity, One People, One Planet in higher vibration.

Love and Joy, Namaste, Sarah-Joy

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  1. Hi Sarah-Joy, I am Lee, friend of Krisztina and thanks for the Sacred Dance Movement Meditation. I shall join tomorrow night. 🙏😉

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