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Time : 10.00am until 1.30pm

Venue : Elaine Yoga Penang

Address will be provided upon registration and payment

Fees : RM180 normal rate

Organised/Facilitated by : Sarah-Joy Amin / Hp 016-488 9328 or fb:

INNER DANCE WORKSHOP first in Penang Date: 20 April, Thursday 10am-1pm, Penang Venue: Elaine Yoga Studio, Tanjong Bungah Energy Exchange: RM150 Early Bird (please register and make payment asap as spaces are limited and booking is quite full already!) Normal rate: RM180 after 10 April. Contact: Sarah-Joy Amin at 016-488 9328 or Elaine Steward WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION Pi will be sharing about both the direct experience of inner transformation of consciousness with our current science-oriented approaches to understanding our brain and our pliability - the neurological, linguistic maps and cognitive pathways of change so that you better understand what happens when one is in the Inner Dance process and how transformation is possible! In this workshop, Pi will talk about how inner dance brings reflexive and deep understanding on expanded fields of consciousness based on numerous findings that support how sound waves are able to bring about wakeful REM/dream like conditions. These states have the capacity break people away from the deeper pathologies of debilitating disease, depressions, addiction patterns and mental as well as emotional blockages. Working with scientists, medical practitioners and teachers of all levels, Pi has mapped out certain switches of the meso-lymbic pathways in the brain and the autonomic nervous system that brings about cathartic emotional release. This discovery reveals neurologically our own expanded state of self-awareness that reflects the Asiatic yogic and meditative states. Pi presents the Circadian Rhythm (sleep cycle) as a Cognitive Model of Transcendence that happens when and where rapid transformation is happening to individuals and groups. Pi may also cover how different mindsets, Eastern and Western cultrual orientations that access different brain pathways can lend insight into understanding cross-cultural dialactic reasoning and its application to integrative healing and learning approaches. Using highly experiential learning styles rooted in traditional Asian Energy States, the many innerdance processes now happening around the world on any given week creates healthy conditions whereby Oriental and Occidental philosophies find inclusive meeting points where inquiry into Whole Brain systems is happening. PROFILE & BACKGROUND "It is when we change our minds that we will truly change our world." PI VILLARAZA A consciousness process emerged from the Southeast Asia islands in the last decade, one that has quickly spread across Europe, the Americas, Oceania and Asia for its powerful capacity to bring transformation about. In 2003, Pi Villaraza left a corporate career in Marketing Communications in his childhood Manila to embark on a sanyassin's journey into the unknown depths of mind, body and spirit. Walking across the South Philippines for one year without contacts or money, Pi eventually lived as a hermit in a deserted beach in Palawan province for two years where he experienced a profound awakening while living mostly on a live foods mono-diet diet of coconuts. In his solitary innerwork, Pi entered into deep trance states where energy flowed through his body, sweeping his physical controls into spontaneous energy systems that took many more years later to integrate into a fascinating global movement that has officially been reported in many books, documentaries, articles and studies for how expanded states of consciousness takes place. The energy that Pi discovered has led to radical healing methods that are still being studied now for its efficacy in helping people's minds and bodies to self-regenerate. Now called the innerdance process, the energy has found numerous applications in Medicine (, the Asian Ecovillage Movement (, Education, Psychology, Neurology, Deep Ecology which brings into collaboration educators, doctors, psychologists, cognitive linguists, nutritionists, community organizers from many parts of the world interested in the meeting points between the direct experiential transformation with our current science-oriented approaches to understanding the neurological, linguistic maps and cognitive pathways of change.

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