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Heart Space 2022 Services

Heart Space services

Heart Space services range from various forms of energy healing and physical healing therapies, sound healing as well as mental, emotional and spiritual healing and transformative practices. They include:

A.  Chakra Energy Healing
B.  Holistic Counselling & Transformative Coaching
C.  Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
D.  Massage Therapy
E.  Sound Healing (singing bowls, gong, crystal bowls, Inner dance)
F.  Tarot & Oracle Card Readings 
G.  Yoga

For information on the Heart Space and our team of practitioners see Heart Space About Us 


A.  Chakra Energy Healing

1. Intuitive Energy Healing with Sarah-Joy – RM270 for 1.5hours

Sarah-Joy offers both the basic Chakra Energy Healing and Balancing as well as Intuitive Energy Healing with sound, essential oils and crystal energies to align your chakras and light body frequencies. These healing sessions work to clear, balance, restore and activate your chakras and entire energy/auric field leaving you feeling more whole and refreshed.

2. Multidimensional Chakra Energy Healing with Sarah-Joy – RM280 for 1.5 hours or RM333 for 2 hours.

This session uses a range of techniques from sound healing to open, clear and connect chakras; psychic surgery; chakra/energy body healing working in the energy field and with the 13 chakras; Channeled messages, etc. Crystals and essential oils are added to enhance the session.

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3. Crystal Healing and Arrays – Chakra Energy Healing – online with Katrina Rowland – RM180 per hour and up

Katrina supports her client’s needs for well-being by profiling their Energy and Chakra systems to balance, maintain and renew wholistic well-being. Using Crystals and Crystal Arrays, Energy System Activation, Sound Healing, Meditation and Flower Essence offerings, Katrina helps you focus on Energetic Balance & Alignment.

3. Petal Healing – 60 mins (RM198 energy healing with rose quartz crystals)

Petal Healing works on healing wounded hearts to ease emotional hurt and heavy or blocked heart energies. The session will comfort and relax your heart bringing in forgiveness, self-love, more peace and compassion. You will receive a 30 min energy healing session to help heal and nurture your heart slowly back to ease and grace. During the session, you will be held lovingly while receiving the beautiful healing energies of rose quartz crystals. A one card Rose oracle reading will also be offered with Rose tea or rose water.

It may take several sessions to gradually return to a freer and more open heart-felt state. So it is recommended doing more than one session, or combine it with the Rose Bloom or on-going counselling for deeper healing and heart expansion. Learn to say YES to Love and to regaining a more Peaceful and Loving state.

4. Rose Bloom – 90 mins (RM288 energy healing with rose quartz & rose oracle reading)

The Rose Bloom session will both heal and support your heart expansion. Be the holder of your Heart-Light and let your heart and soul bloom. Meet Angels of Heart-Light and receive new love-light codes to increase your heart/soul connection and expression. You will receive 50-60 minutes of energy healing with the guidance of one or more Goddesses of Love and Compassion (Kuan Yin, Aphrodite, Mother Isis, Lady Nada, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene of the Rose Mystery school). Be guided by channeled messages from these goddesses to bloom your soul-heart.

Drink Rose tea or rose water as you receive a Rose card reading that complements the healing session. First timers will receive a rose quartz crystal to work with their on-going heart blooming practice. This session is recommended as a sequel to the Petal Healing (above), or as part of Sarah-Joy’s other counselling and healing sessions.


B.  Holistic Counselling & Transformative Coaching

1. Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy with Sarah-Joy – RM160 per hour (USD40/AUD55 for overseas payment via paypal)

Sarah-Joy offers informed, trained and objective support through holistic counselling and psychotherapy, free from prejudices and judgements. These sessions can support your mental-emotional healing, resolve or transform a personal problem, family or relationship conflict or dilemma. Sarah-Joy’s sessions are totally confidential, respectful and caring from a Process Work approach. Overseas or outstation clients can receive counselling through zoom sessions.

2. Transformative Coaching – RM160 per hour

If you’re needing guidance on personal transformation, making a change in your life direction, finding clarity on a life purpose, deciding on a career direction or wanting to manifest and expand your life mission, then a Transformative Coaching approach might be worth pursuing. Sarah-Joy’s passion is to support your personal transformation so that you may reach your own highest potential. She also offers a 4-6 session Transformative Journey package to support you in your personal transformation. 

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C.  Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation – RM150/160 per hour (single session)

Our physiotherapists utilize a variety of skill sets, physio-tools & exercise approaches to facilitate your healing. They address various musculoskeletal; post-operative; neurological conditions. At the Heart Space you will be in a safe, hygienic and private space that is healing free from the busy-ness of hospitals and the concern for greater covid contact. Our physiotherapists are fully qualified and have over 6 years of hospital based work experience. They can also make home-based visits in Penang island and on the mainland.


D.  Massage Therapy (Chinese and Thai)

  1. Chi Nei Tsang – Chinese Internal Organs massage – 2 hours for RM320/ 1 hour for RM170

Abdominal massage with oil to release stress, tensions, emotional blockages and balance the Chi flow in your body and mind. This form of healing helps to detox bloated stomach, address poor digestion, intestine problems, sleep disorder, liver problems, low motivation, mild depression, hormonal imbalance, trauma, fear and nervousness as well as contributes to weight management. Relax deeply and reset with her guided breathing technique which is used with ancient Chinese Six Healing Sounds.

  1. Thai Massage – 2 hours at RM280 per session/ 1 hour for RM150

This massage relieves tension, relaxes the whole body, improves blood circulation and flexibility through acupoint massage. It involves therapeutic bodywork for muscle aches, sprains and strains, sciatic nerve problems, back pain, shoulders pain, tight neck, and lymphatic blockages.

  1. Womb Lifting – 2 hours massage – RM320 per session/ 1 hour for RM170

Traditional Thai healing art for women – full body soothing with herbal ball, acupoint massage, and lifting the womb to its original position. A feminine healing for prolapsed uterus, irregular menstruation and menstrual pain, lower back pain, infertility, sexual trauma. Healing is performed according to your menstrual cycle – time between a week after the last menstruation ends and a week before the next menstruation starts (whichever that is more relevant).

Ask for package rates for 5 or 10 sessions.


E.  Sound Healing

  1. Sound Bath with Singing bowls with Han How – RM180/hour

Sound therapy offers transformational music and healing aimed at awakening the body, mind and spirit. Soothing sounds of the singing bowls take you into a journey of deep relaxation. More recently sessions include shamanic drumming and a new set of angelic sounding small bowls. Han How has been offering therapeutic sound work since 2018 for individuals and groups as well as teaches Do-It Yourself singing bowl therapy. Group and private sessions are available. Contact the Heart Space for group rates.

  1. Gong Sound healing with Frederique – RM300 for a 1 hour private session or RM65 for group session of 45mins (minimum 5 pax)
    Solar System Gongs resonate chakras and organs, and offer a psycho-acoustic gateway to heightened states of awareness and consciousness. It’s an amazing healing tool, because the frequencies surpass the intellectual part of the brain and travel to the core of the cellular system where the healing qualities are fully absorbed. It is said that the vibration of the gong can bring DNA/cells back to its original blue print. Frederique offers two types of gongs: a) Earth Sidereal Gong. Its sound has the frequency of one day passing on earth. Generates energy; regulates cycles; builds and strengthens; consolidates energy; aids in realignment with 24-hour cycle; its resonant tones automatically do the work that support your needs. Corresponds to the root chakra and is very grounding; and b) Venus Gong which aids in creation; facilitates fertility and birthing; acts as an anti-inflammatory agent; clears throat chakra issues; treats gynaecological issues, urinary problems and kidney afflictions.
  2. Tuning fork therapy with Frederique – RM150/hour. Follow up session: RM88 (1/2 hour)
    Tuning fork in sound therapy.

    Biofield tuning is a unique form of sonic energy healing that uses sound waves, produced by tuning fork vibrations, in our bio magnetic field (or biofield) that surrounds your body. The tuning forks create coherent vibrations that your body can retune itself to, allowing you to relax. The biofield tuning process is designed to locate, identify, and interrupt patterns of sonic imbalance, making it possible for the individual to become unstuck and able to move forward in life. Your biofield contains the record of events of your life chronologically from birth until current time. Biofield tuning treatments can result in our energies becoming more centred, balanced, and integrated. The first session last about an hour. The follow up sessions (best to have a minimum of 3 session for the best results) should be spaced less than one-two weeks apart.

  3. Inner Dance with Sarah-Joy – private session at RM300 for 2 hours

Inner Dance is a form of inner sound journey. It is a transformative self-awakening process that allows participants to experience themselves and the world as vibratory fields of energy. In this state of energy awareness, one is able to experience deeper release, self-healing and transformation. It is a trance-based intuitive perception brought about by a sound healing modality that works with changing brain wave states. Sarah-Joy offers private and small group sessions. Contact Heart Space for group rates.

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F.  Tarot & Oracle Card Readings 

  1. Tarot Card Reading and Training – online with Katrina Rowland  – RM150/hour

Tarot is a great tool for finding out the inner workings of yourself and your life. Whether you want a reading or have always wanted to learn Tarot and read the cards for yourself or others, check out  the different training and services offered. Katrina has over 20 years of experience in reading Tarot professionally and helping others learn how to read.

  1. Oracle Card Reading with Counselling – Sarah-Joy RM150/per hour

Sarah-Joy uses Oracle cards on their own or to complement her counselling sessions when clients feel a need for higher guidance or when they are at crossroads in major life decisions. Oracle cards are not used to tell the future but to offer clients some clarity around their life situations. Clients learn to align to their higher self first for clearer readings.


G.  Yoga – Chakra yoga and Gentle healing yoga with Sarah-Joy – private session at RM150/hour

Chakra yoga and Gentle yoga classes take a holistic approach. They combine physical asanas, good breathing practices as well as relaxation and meditation techniques to balance body, mind and spirit. Gentle and Healing yoga is suited for beginners and those with minor injuries or limited mobility. Sarah-Joy’s classes often come with some humour. For regular updates on group classes and workshops follow https://www.facebook.com/SarahJoyAmin.ChakraYoga

For Sarah-Joy’s yoga services check out the following link: 

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