To Empower People to Transform their lives into one of Wellness, Freedom and Joy. While there are a myriad of ways to support people’s healing and transformation, I’ve chosen to do so via holistic counselling and psychotherapy, transformative coaching, chakra yoga, and a variety of inner processes such as Inner Dance, Chakra Energy & Sound Healing and Sacred meditations. Since 2021, I’ve founded the Heart Space Holistic Therapy to offer my services personally and synergistically with other practitioners and healers!




I believe that all illness, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual can be transformed. They are there only as teachers. Once we see the lessons and embrace them, we can start to make the needed changes and take steps towards our own Healing, Transformation, Freedom and Greater Joy!


Believing in an empowering approach to personal wellness, health, spiritual growth and development, I work to support a person’s own healing and transformation process. My work therefore encompasses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, and see the union in all.  The different healing tools and modalities are there to serve the diverse needs of each person who comes to me for their healing and ultimate transformation!


A Healer’s Statement:

“Healers are spiritual warriors who have found the courage to defeat the darkness of their souls, awakening and rising from the depths of their deepest fears like a Phoenix rising from the ashes…. reborn with a wisdom and strength that creates a light that shines bright enough to help, encourage, inspire others out of their own darkness!”





After decades of inner and outer transformation going through my own in-depth healing of body, mind and spirit and numerous spiritual journeys, I am now so pleased to be able to offer my life’s learning in the form of experiences, insights and various healing modalities in this TRANSFORMATIVE PACKAGE for PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT!

A four session package, each approximately two-hours, using a variety of EMPOWERMENT coaching techniques, positive affirmations, channeled guidance, yoga and breath work, including several energy healing sessions to support emotional release, heart centering, chakra balancing and a personal visioning programme to start you off in your new life. The sessions can be spaced out over 3-4 months or whatever timeframe that suits you but no more than 6 months. I will meet with you every few weeks or at least once a month for our sessions. In between sessions you will have homework to practice self-healing and self-empowerment techniques which we will review in each following session.

MAKE A COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF TODAY to be the person you truly want to be…. Empower yourself towards true Freedom, Joy and Wellness!

Special rate for this Transformative Package is RM1388! If you like to add two more sessions after this you are entitled to the special rate of only RM1688 for six sessions.