How often does one get the opportunity to meet a person on the path of enlightenment so down to earth and ready to work with anyone interested on true healing and their inner transformation and freedom?

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet INNER DANCE FOUNDER who is a global leader in spiritual transformation and ecological movements around the world. After two years of building up interest in Inner Dance among the residents of Penang, our community here is finally ready for Pi and to go deeper into their inner journeys. I’m so honoured Pi is taking time to visit us and to share so much of his wisdom and experience with those of us interested in deepening our own self awareness and self-transformation.

In 2003, Pi Villaraza left a corporate career in Marketing Communications in his childhood Manila to embark on a sanyassin’s journey into the unknown depths of mind, body and spirit. Walking across the South Philippines for one year without contacts or money, Pi eventually lived as a hermit in a deserted beach in Palawan province for two years where he experienced a profound awakening while living mostly on a live foods mono-diet diet of coconuts.

In his solitary innerwork, Pi entered into deep trance states where energy flowed through his body, sweeping his physical controls into spontaneous energy systems that took many more years later to integrate into a fascinating global movement that has officially been reported in many books, documentaries, articles and studies for how expanded states of consciousness takes place. The energy that Pi discovered has led to radical healing methods that are still being studied now for its efficacy in helping people’s minds and bodies to self-regenerate.

Pi is offering three sessions in Penang next week: two INTRO SESSIONS on Wed 19 April, 10am-12.30pm and another at night from 7-9.30pm; as well as a deeper workshop on understanding our Mind and Consciousness on Thursday 20 April, 10am-1.30pm. If you’re interested, please contact me, Sarah-Joy Amin, ASAP, as spaces are filling up quickly. Workshop is full unless any cancellations. Some spaces still available in the Intro sessions especially the night session. Namaste, peace and Joy!

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