What a satisfying INNER DANCE Workshop today! Twelve people, majority have tasted at least one if not more Inner dance journeys and 4 new comers yet came open to the experience. After holding monthly Inner Dance circles for over a year now, I felt there were enough people in Penang ready and wanting to go deeper and understand this mysterious “force” or energy that bedazzles and bewilders… that takes you so much into yourself, that flows and breathes through you, that sees you and through you, and that lets you tastes what you normally wouldn’t experience in normal waking states nor even in regular meditations. The time for the workshop to shift deeper into one’s learning and knowing was ripe today!

The session began with the question WHAT AM I? It got people thinking or rather exploring what the question felt like internally. Answers came both during the conversation, but deeper answers were revealed and RE-MEMBERED when each went into their own “dance”- feeling it, knowing it so much more fully. I was so happy to see a returning participant after 4 times of not being able to experience much, this time opened up so much to her Self and her Being. Tears of happiness flowed when she could finally feel and allow this energy to flow through her.

Others are still sharing with me messages they received in the dance of knowingness that flowed so beautifully and clearly, even though there were moments of release and sadness. Answers coming from that the heart space of Oneness and non-duality is pure knowingness… powerful, deep and clear!

Even our new friends experienced the non-locality of Mind, how Consciousness is felt outside the body. A few participants spoke about how they felt several pairs of hands touching them, another heard me at the other end of the room, yet felt my touch. It was an awesome moment for the group to hear more similar sharings of non-locality. It became more apparent that Consciousness  is not attached to the body, but is free to roam –  anywhere around the room and beyond to different states of being and places! Such an opening for many in the room. Science is only now showing more and more examples of non-locality of Mind and Consciousness, something mystics of the past and those in deep inner practices have long known. I’m so pleased this realisation came through so clearly today!

I continue to be in a state of awe and gratitude for this beautiful gift from Pi and the Inner Dance community. As I share it, this practice helps others to awaken more to their Truth, their Light and their Joy… I’m also always in such amazement when I can bring useful frameworks like the Chakra System together with the Inner Dance frameworks, understanding the wave, the power of sound, brain wave states, energy and vibration and all of that which leads to our greater freedom in every way.

Thank you all for today, to Pi, a true teacher and all my other teachers! In love I serve… Namaste! Sarah-Joy


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