What is Inner Dance?

The IINNER DANCE Penangnner Dance is a transformative self-awakening process that allows participants to experience themselves and the world as vibratory fields of energy. In this state of energy awareness, one is able to experience deeper release, self-healing and transformation. It is a trance-based intuitive perception brought about by a sound healing modality that works with changing brain wave states.

Physical touch is applied to stimulate and awaken the body’s intelligence for self-healing by triggering bodily and emotional responses, including spontaneous movement, that helps clear deep seated blockages and enable more flow at all levels.

The Inner Dance has become a global movement of healers, artists, medical practitioners, ecologists, transformation experts and community leaders who are experiencing change from inside themselves as they bring change to the world around them. For more details check out the global Inner Dance website.

Sacred Inner Dance Healing Circles (Group sessions and Workshops)

Group sessions will help you move into a process towards increased awareness of Self, spaciousness of Being, peace and freedom from layers of old heavy emotions, negative thought patterns and body holding patterns. Many participants come out of a session feeling lighter, clearer, calmer and more ready for meeting positive change in their lives.

For those persons well on the spiritual or transformation path, the session may bring both deep release as well as greater clarity and spiritual awakeness as you enter greater states of Oneness with Universal Consciousness.

I offer monthly Inner Dance sacred circles and several workshops in a year. Check updates for upcoming offers. There is also the Inner Dance Penang facebook for community events and updates.

Private Inner Dance sessions

Sarah-Joy’s private sessions involve facilitating the client’s own awakening and healing process through a light-trance state using the Inner Dance modality. She also facilitates the clearing and balancing of your chakras and auric field, and transmits light codes and sacred geometry. Toning or Light language may come through to harmonise your energetic frequencies and increase resonance to help shift you above mundane thought patterns, limiting belief systems and emotional blockages. Sometimes new frequencies of light are brought down to deepen the healing and transformation, including activation of DNA codes.

Sessions may include the use of essential oils.

For persons well on the transformation path, this healing may bring both deeper release as well as more clarity & spiritual awakeness on your Path!

Energy Exchange: RM300 for 2 hours. RM70 per additional half hour if needed.

Sarah Amin is one of the most intuitive healers I’ve met in Malaysia. Possessing many gifts, she is well on her way to helping countless many who see the value in her work, which is safeguarded by such authenticity and humility that balances a deep-seated wisdom. Women especially will find the work an essential guidance mechanism that is both gentle yet accurate. People on the path of healing who have the chance to do some work with Sarah, especially those endowed with resonant hearts, will indeed be fortunate to be cradled into their own heart with the most utmost care and accuracy. Pi Villaraza, founder of INNER DANCE

Chakra & Other Meditations

I also offer Chakra Meditations and occasionally special meditations depending on the days of the year for the upliftment of people, such as the Hindu Celebration of Light (Deepavali), Full Moon or New Moon meditations or when students make a request for a ritual to honour a season or to meditate with crystals.


  • From Joanne Johnston, Psychologist and Shamanic practitioner, U.K. and Penang
    “If you are looking to begin exploring the inner reaches of your being or just want to check in with yourself or are curious about the power of your own mind, take time to attend one of Sarah Amin’s Inner Dance Sessions. She beautifully and naturally creates a clear space in which you can feel safe and supported to divine the recesses of your soul with the help of her carefully crafted music sequences, her finely tuned intuition and her human voice. Sarah takes time to weaves together an introduction so that all involved, whatever their experience levels, are clear about how this sacred soul dance evolves during the session and the potential power being offered when we take time to dance to our inner parts. The process of relaxing and deepening into the musical and spiritual energy she creates, works on balancing and healing our bodily and spiritual energies. She allows participant to explore in their own individual ways, finding their own pathways into the dance. I look forward with gratitude to my next Inner Dance session with Sarah, myself and the universe.”
  • Testimonial from Jennifer Mourin, Artist, Activist, Penang
    “I was more than a little bemused and skeptical when I first heard about ‘Inner Dance’. What is this (?), I had wondered in doubt. My friend Sarah-Joy Amin had advertised her very first session, so I decided to give into curiosity, let go of my doubts and GO. My Gosh was it a beautiful sacred revelation!!! Led by Sarah’s soothing intuitive guidance, a whole world of spiritual self awareness and insight opened up for me. I decided to give myself over to this experience, and while I half expected to be jumping around and dancing (as my ignorance of this blessed process led me to believe) — my surrender to the divine led me to an even more beautiful ‘dance’ between my mind, my soul, my heart and my goddesses who I connected with at this session. My first experience was a little fraught with loud cries of catharsis (bordering on violent) from one other participant, but what I ‘saw’ in my sub-consciousness and felt deep in my heart made me keen to surrender to another session. Again, my intuition led me on the right path of self-healing and deep connection with the divine – especially with my goddesses, who seem to use this path to deeply connect with me. I feel so blessed to have learnt about these sessions by Sarah-Joy, and to have given myself over to a process she leads with such grace and love! Thank you Sarah! Until the next Inner Dance”
  • Testimonial from Michelle Leek, Australia & Penang
    Inner Dance was a very new word to me 6 months ago. Since then I have attended 6 inner dance sessions with Sarah Joy and each time it has been a different experience. I’ve found the best way to approach inner dance is with an open mind, free from expectations and to let the music flow into your meditation as you are comfortably laying down. It is a unique experience and a powerful healing tool for anyone looking for a deeper spiritual connection, inner transformation, healing or relaxation of the mind. I am grateful to have begun a much deeper inner journey thanks to Sarah-Joy Amin’s amazing work!
  • Testimonial from Sara Winge, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Gong Sound Healer, Sweden and Penang.“Inner dance comments: A deep going method of releasing emotions and also a helpful way to relax. I often don´t realize just how deep I´m into the trance like state until I’m coming out of it. Each session has been very different from the other, always with an impact that often takes a few days to process and digest. Sarah as a facilitator is truly helpful and genuine, and without her it just wouldn´t be the same.”