Sarah-Joy’s Offerings

Sarah-Joy’s Offerings 2024

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My services are offered via the Heart Space since 2021 as a central part of a diversity of holistic therapies provided by the Heart Space Collective. As a holistic therapist I feel a strong calling to facilitate healing and personal transformation through various holistic and deeply humane and spiritual practices.

My offerings include holistic counseling and psychotherapy, chakra yoga and healing yoga, chakra energy and voice sound healing, inner dance, meditation and working synergistically. All this is in alignment with my true mission of Empowering People to transform their lives into more Wellness, Freedom and Joy. For other Heart Space healing services see Heart Space Services.

A.  Chakra Yoga and Gentle Healing yoga – RM150 per hour

My Chakra yoga and Gentle yoga classes take a holistic approach. They combine physical asanas, good breathing practices as well as relaxation and meditation techniques to balance body, mind and spirit. Gentle yoga is suited for beginners and those with limited mobility. Additional healing yoga practices and sometimes counselling will be offered where needed for releasing mental and energetic stresses. Private and group classes available. For regular updates check my Chakra Yoga & Energy Healing facebook page:

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B.  Energy Healing

  1. Intuitive Energy Healing – RM270 for 1.5hours or RM330 for 2 hours

I offer both the basic Chakra Energy Healing and Balancing as well as Intuitive Energy Healing with sound, essential oils and crystal energies to align your chakras and light body frequencies. These healing sessions work to clear, balance, restore and activate your chakras and entire energy/auric field leaving you feeling more whole and positive. This is mainly in a lying down mode but can be done sitting as well.  The energy healing is around 1 hour combined with about 30 mins of counselling pre and post healing.

  1. Multidimensional Chakra Energy Healing – RM280 for 1.5 hours or RM350 for 2 hours (USD70/AUD90 for 1.5 hours/USD90/AUD120 for 2 hours for overseas payment via paypal))

This session uses a range of techniques from sound healing – particularly through the voice, to open/ clear/ connect chakras – psychic surgery, chakra/energy body healing working in the energy field and with the 13 chakras, including the Sacred Heart chakra and the cosmic and earth star chakras at the top and bottom of the aura, Pleiadian/Arcturian/Sirian Chambers of Light – which will place you in a certain grid frequency according to what is needed, and Channeled messages. Crystals and essential oils are added to enhance the session.

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As of 11-11-2022, I am offering a a new series of healings and activations for the heart to address your emotional and spiritual needs. My new Rose Heart sessions are the a) Petal Healing and b) Rose Bloom healing. For ages, the Rose has been a symbol of LOVE, both romantic as well as sacred as seen in various spiritual traditions. The rose is very much connected to the Heart Chakra, particularly the Higher Heart vibrating the frequency of Unconditional Love.

It is recommended to start with the Petal Healing session before taking the Rose Bloom session to expand and bloom your Heart. Next year, I will bring in an extended session for Rose Heart Activation (the Rose Full Bloom) channeling more sacred Feminine energies and Higher Heart Light activations.

3. Petal Healing – 60 mins (RM198 energy healing with rose quartz crystals)

Petal Healing works on healing wounded hearts to ease emotional hurt and heavy or blocked heart energies. The session will comfort and relax your heart bringing in forgiveness, more self-love and compassion. You will receive a 30 min energy healing session to help heal and nurture your heart slowly back to ease and grace. During the session, you will be held lovingly while receiving the beautiful healing energies of rose quartz crystals. A one card Rose oracle reading will also be offered with Rose tea.

It may take several sessions to gradually return to a freer and more open heart-felt state. So it is recommended doing more than one session, or combine it with the Rose Bloom or on-going counselling for deeper healing and heart expansion. Learn to say YES to Love and to regaining a Peaceful and Loving state.

4. Rose Bloom – 90 mins (RM288 energy healing with rose quartz & rose oracle card reading)

The Rose Bloom session will both heal and support your heart expansion. Be the holder of your Heart-Light and let your heart and soul bloom. Meet Angels of Heart-Light and receive new love-light codes to increase your heart/soul connection and expression. You will receive 50-60 minutes of energy healing with the guidance of one or more Goddesses of Love and Compassion (Kuan Yin, Aphrodite, Mother Isis, Lady Nada, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene of the Rose Mystery school). Be guided by channeled messages from these goddesses to bloom your soul-heart.

Drink Rose tea or rose water as you receive a Rose card reading that complements the healing session. First timers will receive a rose quartz crystal to work with their on-going heart blooming practice. This session is recommended as a sequel to the Petal Healing (above), or as part of Sarah-Joy’s other counselling and healing sessions.

C.  Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy– RM160 per hour (USD40/AUD55 for overseas payment via paypal)

1. I offer Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy sessions from a Process Oriented Psychology (POP) approach. This approach follows a client’s individual process, body signals and mental and emotional states as well as body symptoms, dreams, and non-conventional experiences. All sessions are respectful of the client’s needs, offered with utmost care and support, and totally private and confidential. For more details on my Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy work see Go to page

  1. Transformative Coaching – RM160 per hour for first consultation. Transformative Journey – RM1388 for 4 sessions

If you’re needing some guidance on personal transformation, making a change in your life direction, finding clarity on a life purpose, deciding on a career direction or wanting to manifest and expand your life mission, then a Transformative Coaching approach might be more suited for you. You can explore this in a first session with me then consider taking a 4 or 6 session package (see below) which will be combined with various healing and transformative tools.

Transformative Journey – A four session package, each approximately two-hours, using a variety of EMPOWERMENT coaching techniques, positive affirmations, channeled guidance, yoga and breath work, including several energy healing sessions to support emotional release, heart centering, chakra balancing and a personal visioning programme to start you off in your new life direction. The sessions can be spaced out over 3-4 months or whatever timeframe that suits you but no more than 6 months. I will meet with you every few weeks or at least once a month for our sessions. In between sessions you will have homework to practice self-healing and self-empowerment techniques which we will review in each following session.

MAKE A COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF TODAY to be the person you truly want to be…. Empower yourself towards true Freedom, Joy and Wellness!

Price for this Transformative Journey’s Package is RM1388! If you like to add two more sessions after this you are entitled to the special rate of only RM1888 for six sessions.

3. Heart Circle – monthly support groups – RM50 per session

Through the Heart Circle, I offer a safe and supportive space for people to gather and support each other sharing both uplifting as well as challenging life aspects during this period. The past few years with the pandemic especially has been particularly difficult for many emotionally, socially, physically as well as spiritually. As private counselling sessions are not always affordable, I make this offering for each person who comes to feel supported and cared for by the group, as well as to benefit from whatever guidance I may have to share. We all need soul care and support at various times of our lives, and the Heart Space is ready to support you! Check our Heart Space facebook page for monthly group meeting schedule.

D. Inner Dance – RM300 for 2 hours

Inner Dance is a form of inner sound journey. It is a transformative self-awakening process that allows participants to experience themselves and the world as vibratory fields of energy. In this state of energy awareness, one is able to experience deeper release, self-healing and transformation. I offer private and small group Inner Dance sessions. Contact me for small group rates.

For more details on Inner Dance see Go to page

E. Others

I also run group meditations in conjunction with New or Full Moons or sacred high energy days. Check the Heart Space facebook for monthly updates. Some events are collaborations with other Heart Space practitioners.

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Payment Information

For overseas clients without a Malaysian bank account you may make your payment via my paypal account:

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