Science of Chakra Yoga reaches greater numbers in Penang, 29 May


SCIENCE OF CHAKRA YOGA, a 3 hour workshop was held in Penang on Monday 29 May with the very experienced yogi, David Goulet. He summarised a 3 day workshop that was to be held in Bali days later, into a 3 hours session to benefit the greater number of students and yoga practitioners interested in the energy world and yoga as a means of self healing.

David covered the energetic qualities of each chakra, their co-relation to the known forces in science and the Universe, as well as the connections and influence of each chakra energy field has on the human body particularly via the Endocrine system, hormone producing glands, the nervous system and the direct co-relation between our Body and our Mind.

Known as the “Breath-Man” or rather the Breath-Guru, David as he would often do, taught the 3 part yogic breath with simple movements to ensure expansion of the lungs. Most people hardly breath well let alone adequately, and in most diseased bodies, deep and expansive breathing to ensure full oxygen flow is central. He talked about how with proper breath we also take in cosmic energy or prana/chi into our energy field nourishing our chakras and thus  the corresponding physical glands, nerve plexus and organs.

Understanding the chakra system facilitates a yoga practice that goes well beyond the usual asana or fitness based yoga, to include the deeper practices of pranayama (breathing techniques or rather energy control practices), concentration meditation, and the other higher forms of yoga.

With a focus on the AJNA Chakra, David shared a brief introduction to the yogic science of Yantra Yoga. Yantra has to do with the structure of the Universe, the energy signature of each chakra frequency (patterns) that take the forms of symbols and sacred geometry, as well as the yogic field of numerology which includes the timing of life cycles and processes.  The group was fascinated learning about their Birth Path numbers, its significance and the chakra energies and meaning associated with the three main phases of a person’s life.

The participants had many questions following the workshop. This was to be expected given that the workshop was an introduction to the deeper subject of the Science of Chakra Yoga.

I’m happy to answer questions and share more on the simple aspects of Yantra and numerology as well as the science of chakra yoga upon my return to Penang in August. I will embark on a new round of Chakra yoga classes level 1 in August and level 2 series in Sept 2017.

Thanks to all for joining. Please remember to maintain your practice starting with the BREATH… Remember to take as many breath breaks as you take tea or coffee breaks 🙂 Namaste!

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