Transformative Journey through the Chakras, 18-20 January, 2019 – Penang Hill

with Sarah-Joy Amin

Begin your Transformative Journey through the Chakras with this Chakra Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat. If you’re looking to take a leap in your life, get a much needed inner and outer renewal of Body, Mind and Spirit, or just to release and restore, then this is the retreat for you!




is a holistic journey of inner and outer processes, reconnecting to Self more fully through more conscious yogic movements, mindful breathing and eating, meditation and connection to Nature!

Hickory on the Hill, Penang

In the 2.5 days together we will engage in:

* daily yoga – both gentle and active practices reflective of the various chakra energies;

* Different breathing exercises (pranayama) that help to relax and to activate your physical and energy system;

* conscious eating with healthy food and juices

* mindful walks, guided meditations, and relaxation;

* inner processes like inner dance and sacred movements;

* creative visualisation and visioning;

* quiet time and healing in lush nature!



You will also each receive an Energy Profile review based on your birthdate following the Yantra Yoga system. This will help you understand your energy make up, and mental and emotional tendencies, so you can learn how best to respond to personal challenges and weaknesses and to build on your strengths. In addition, you will learn where you are in your life cycle following a 9 year numerological cycle. This helps balance your life purpose and actions according to a yin or yang year cycle, and living life with greater flow and ease!

YOGA is an ancient system of inner and outer practice for more balance in all aspects of life. It is a well tested tradition that provides an inner technology to recalibrate your physical, mental, emotional and energy bodies so you feel more complete as a Spiritual Being in a human body.

Use this retreat to renew, reset and re-energise from within, and learn a few techniques that you can also take home to continue your practice after the retreat.


We have chosen a wonderful venue; an amazing Space in nature that is nurturing, peaceful and pleasing to all the senses with a wonderfully high vibration and life force to re-energise your whole Being.

For more information and pictures of Hickory on Penang Hill check out their website: https://www.hickoryonthehill.com/home.html



* EARLY BIRD RM 700 ~ Register and pay a 50% deposit by 15 Nov. 2018. Full payment by 15 Dec. 2018.

* Special RM 750 – After 15 Nov. 2018, register with a 50% deposit and make full payment by 15 Dec. 2018.

* Normal Rate RM800 – After 15 Dec. 2018, register with full payment by 10 Jan 2019.



  • Retreat Fee includes all meals and materials. A 50% Deposit is required to register. 
  • Wholesome meals: All meals are vegetarian with vegan option.
  • Please bring your own yoga mat and any other support you require for the period of the retreat, eg. yoga blocks, meditation cushion and a shawl for chilly mornings and evenings.


Room charges are separate from the Retreat Fee and depending on type of accommodation you choose:

* Triple sharing: RM220 per person for 2 nights

* Double sharing: RM240-315 per person for 2 nights (depending on room type);

* Single room: RM320 for 2 nights.

Once you have registered, please advice your room preference as room assignments will be done by the organiser. Also please inform the organiser, if you choose a double or triple sharing room and have a preferred roommate. If not, the organiser is happy to match you with the most suitable roommate(s).


  • Cancellations by 15 Dec. 2018 receive a refund of 50% of the retreat fee.
  • Cancellations by 4 Jan 2019 receive a refund of 25% of the retreat fee.
  • No refund after 4 Jan 2019.
  • In the event that the retreat is cancelled for unforeseen reasons or a lack of participation, your deposit or payment will be returned in full.


Friday, 18 Jan. 2019 

12-5.00pm – Arrivals and Check In (you may check in any time after 12pm)

5.30pm – 6.30pm – First Group Meeting – Introductions and Briefing

6.30 – 8.00pm – Group Dinner

8.00 – 9.30pm – Session 1

Saturday, 19 Jan. 2019 

7am – 8.30am – Morning Practice – Session 2

8.30 – 9.30am – Breakfast

10am-12pm – Session 3

12.00 -1.30pm – Lunch

1.30pm-4.30pm – Personal Time (reflection, rest, read, explore the grounds)

4 – 4.30pm – Afternoon juice/snack

5.00 – 6.30pm – Evening practice – Session 4

6.30 – 8pm – Dinner

8 – 9.45pm – Night – Session 5 

Sunday, 20 Jan. 2019 

7.00 – 8.30am – Morning practice – Session 6

8.30 – 9.30am – Breakfast

10am -11.30am – Session 7

11.30 – 2pm – Check out and Lunch

2pm – 3.30pm – Closing Session 8


Jeep service up the hill to Hickory Bungalow will be organised for those wanting a jeep ride up and back down the hill. The cost of the whole jeep is RM200 both ways and will be an additional cost. Four to five persons can fit into the jeep depending on the amount of luggage so you can share out the cost of the jeep among yourselves. You will need to inform the organiser ahead of time if you wish to hire the jeep service so we can group people together at the same time. We will arrange for participants to meet at the Botanical Gardens Friday afternoon (time to be determined). The same will be arranged for the group at the end of the retreat to return on Sunday late afternoon or early evening.

If you prefer to take the funicular train up to Hickory Bungalow, you will need to get off at the Lower Tunnel Station and follow the sign for a 5 minute walk. Note that the trains can be busy during the weekends and potentially on a Friday afternoon given that Monday 21 Jan is a public holiday. Give yourself ample time to get the train up. It is advisable that you start your journey from the foot hill at least 2-3 hours before our meeting time at 5pm. All ticket purchases require proof of identification.