TRANSFORM WITH SARAH-JOY… a new website for personal transformation


It is with great JOY that I launch this website with the same name: TRANSFORM WITH SARAH-JOY!

Having a website had never crossed my mind as I’ve been operating via my Chakra Yoga & Energy Healing facebook for the past three years. It has been working relatively well so why would I need to burden myself with a whole website and its maintenance?

It was just three weeks ago that the idea came out of the blue (although I know there is nothing that really just comes out of the blue). Since then the internal and external process of setting up the website and the writing of its contents have been cathartic and revelatory. I came to a personal review of how to define my work, and what I would name it.

More importantly, however, I came to re-frame my self and my work life offering so that the “container” would now better serve my soul calling! This container is now a clearer definition of myself as a Transformation Teacher supporting and empowering people to Transform into greater states of Wellness, Freedom and Joy!

TRANSFORM WITH SARAH-JOY is a virtual space to share information about the various offerings I have for the people of Penang and those afar via the inter and inner-net as well as to explore synergies with other teachers, healers and holistic practitioners that could strengthen mutual talents and bring these shared gifts to more people. My offerings range from Chakra yoga classes, courses, workshops, Inner Dance group healing circles and diverse Energy Healing and channeled sessions. Underlying all these sessions however is the aspect of personal responsibility for healing, growth and empowerment. I am therefore most excited about my latest offering for a person’s Transformative Journey!

TRANSFORMATION is such an amazing process! Most people will not be able to truly understand transformation until they are either going through the process themselves or have reached a significant milestone in their growth and, upon looking back, CAN notice how far they have come! The process leading up to transformation can seem scary or overwhelming, especially if one is submerge in constant problems and states of mental confusion.

At the beginning of a personal crisis or major challenge, the initial reaction is very often to fix the situation or oneself thinking that by “repairing” a situation the problem and pain will go away. Often the problem is rooted in deep seated negative belief systems and thought patterns about oneself or others or the world at large. Ingrained habitual tendencies (also often part of repeatitive karmic conditionings) only serve to perpetuate one’s belief system that then reproduce the problem and the challenge may never really go away or be resolved. At best we learn to live with limitations or just accept our lot in life!

A TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY dares you to choose differently for a greater reward often unimaginable! To choose the path initially uncomfortable, but ultimately more Awakening, more Empowering, more Authentic and ultimately more Freeing is to choose the path of being your TRUE SELF! A caterpillar can never know it has the potential to become a Butterfly. Yet, when it does transform it is totally changed: beautiful and free. For us to become a butterfly, we need to choose it. Unlike the butterfly, however, we need to take the decisive steps, put in the consistent effort to change, then be ready to expect a totally different and expansive life!

Great JOY, WELLNESS and FREEDOM is available to everyone, if only you decide to take that courageous step forward. INVEST IN YOUR OWN TRANSFORMATION AND HAPPINESS! Having someone to set you on your journey can help you to move through the scary challenging phase and support you to make the break-throughs needed for real change.

As part of my life work to support and empower others to shift into their own JOY, I am now offering a SPECIAL PACKAGE for PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION. This is a four session package, each approximately two-hours, using a variety of EMPOWERMENT coaching techniques, positive affirmations, channeled guidance, yoga and breath work, including several energy healing sessions to support emotional release, heart centering, chakra balancing and a personal visioning programme to start you off in your new life. Read more under my MISSION section of the website.

MAKE A COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF TODAY to be the person you truly want to be…. Empower yourself towards true Freedom, Joy and Wellness! Launching price for this Transformative Package is RM1288 till 26 March 2017 OR commit this week for a fabulous rate of RM1,111!

Believing in an empowering approach to personal wellness, health, spiritual growth and development, I work to support a person’s own healing and transformation process. My work therefore encompasses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, and see the union in all. The different healing tools and modalities are there to serve the diverse needs of each person who comes to me for their healing and ultimate transformation!

I hope this website, will serve some of your information and healing needs. I’m in the process of developing a RESOURCE section for the website to list some key youtube links by global Transformation Teachers and Healers that have been of great help to me and thousands of others as well as talks by scientists who study and teach about Body-Mind connections and who understand the power of the Mind and the subconscious particularly in changing, healing and transforming ourselves.

Have a great Solar Eclipse today!

Namaste with love and light! Keep your focus on transforming to your greatest JOY!

Sarah-Joy Amin