ROSE HEART ALCHEMY – A Meditation Launch at the Heart Space on 11:11 at 11am

Friday, 11-11-22 at 11am – 12.15pm (arrive by 10.45am)
Min donation: RM33. Please book your space by 8 Nov. 2022 latest. (I’m making this session affordable so more can benefit from my heart offering.)
In this Rose Heart Alchemical morning, we will work with the energy of the Rose and the rose quartz to support your emotional and spiritual healing!
The energies of the rose has been used over thousands of years in ancient sacred traditions yet its higher heart frequency hasn’t been fully appreciated today. More is now known about the Higher Heart frequencies of unconditional love, compassion and of superior love which the Rose represents. Working with the Rose’ energy helps us to heal our emotional heart and raise our own higher heart frequencies!
The rose is a powerful healer in many ways, externally as well as internally. This meditation will start your heart healing journey when you come ready to receive the rose energy and vibration and open your heart to change. The rose’ gentle feminine nature acts as an energetic balm soothing emotional wounds, while her high vibration creates more peaceful conditions for calming the mind’s mental agitation bringing in inner peace.
Together with the rose quartz, the meditation will start to slowly peel away the layers of stuck energies and shift our protective barriers resisting change and soul expansion.
We will also invite the Rose and rose quartz energy to open your Higher Heart chakra so you’re more ready to awaken your beautiful energy of unconditional love and compassion, to allow more heart-based connection with yourself, others and the world.
Come ready to receive and share your heart energy. Bring your rose quartz crystal (if you have one to work with. Otherwise you may purchase one from the Heart Space to use during the meditation).
We will also invite one or two of the Goddesses of Love and Compassion to support us in this Rose Heart Healing meditation.
This meditation will launch Sarah-Joy’s new series of Rose Heart healings: Petal Healing and Rose Bloom sessions on the same day.
Contact me to register and book your space. Max: 11 participants💗🙏 Those resonating will heed to call of Mother Rose🌹

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