Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy, Penang – Transformational Therapy with Sarah-Joy

Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy, Penang – Transformational Therapy with Sarah-Joy

Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy, Penang

Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy, Penang – Transformational Therapy with Sarah-Joy

Transformational Therapy with Sarah-Joy

I am delighted to now offer holistic counselling and psychotherapy services as part of a professional training programme with the Australia-based Metavision Institute Intern Clinic. This will complement the current transformative coaching and energy healing services I’ve been offering for the past five years. This article covers why and how holistic counselling and psychotherapy can help you, the nature of my service, the arrangements and offer for participating in the Metavision Intern Clinic, as well as a brief background about the school of psychotherapy I’m coming from.

Why consider holistic counselling & psychotherapy?

Everyone needs support at some point or another in their lives. Support can come in many ways through family, friends and the community. Sometimes, however, more informed, trained and objective support through holistic counselling, free from prejudices and judgements, can take you much further in healing, resolving or transforming a personal problem, family or relationship conflict or dilemma.

Furthermore, deep rooted patterns within your unconscious, often unknown to you, can also cause repeated mental and emotional stress. Or, you may seem to be attracting similar unwanted life situations and don’t know why. Here psychotherapy can help you become aware of the root causes of your problems and gain more clarity in addressing them.

Holistic counselling and therapy is an approach which helps clients heal by taking the entire human being and their experiences into consideration during assessment and treatment. It treats a person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs in an integrated way!

How can holistic counselling and psychotherapy help you?

Holistic therapy can help you with:

  • personal, family or work stresses;

  • relationship conflict with a family member, employer, colleague or friend;

  • a health or life challenge that may be creating mental and emotional anxiety, uncertainty and drains you of energy;

  • recurrent dreams, nightmares, childhood memories that may be disturbing and troubling and you would like to understand and resolve it;

  • a crossroad in life related to your job, marriage, work partnerships, moving or shifting residence or country, etc. – when you need to make a major decision that will have a long-term impact; and also

  • any spiritual experiences that may be confusing or even elating but you feel you need more clarity and guidance.

Through holistic counselling you will feel heard, acknowledged and supported.

Relevant guidance and tools will be offered to you where appropriate.

Through psychotherapy you will learn to develop increased personal awareness and better understand repressed thoughts, emotions, and experiences that may be negatively affecting your life. Understanding more about the unconscious parts of yourself is part of your journey to recovery.

Through the therapeutic process, you may discover appropriate solutions for yourself and learn to hear and trust your own intuitive guidance.

What can you expect from a therapy session with me?

Using the techniques of Holistic Counselling and Process Oriented Psychology (see below for description) I aim to support people from all walks of life regardless of race, religion, class, age, gender or sexual preference. All my sessions are totally respectful, caring of your needs, private and confidential. I abide by the Code of Ethics set out by the Psychotherapy and Counsellors Federation of Australia (PACFA) as well as the Malaysian Association of Psychotherapy (MPA).

My mission is to ensure that ALL clients are supported on a healing pathway that is personally uplifting and empowering to them! My motto is TRANSFORMING LIVES into Wellness, Freedom and Joy!

If you’re looking for a holistic, caring and intuitive approach to therapy then contact me for further information or to book a session.

How much is a session?

My rates for Transformative Coaching and general consultation is usually RM150 per hour. For the counselling and pscyhotherapy services as part of Metavision’s Intern clinic, I am offering a 30% discount or a package rate for several sessions. Students and those from lower income groups could be considered for a further reduction.

How to contact me? What days and times am I available during the week?

You can email, me at sarahjoyamin@gmail.com, send me an fb message via https://www.facebook.com/TransformingLivesPenang/ or whatsapp message or phonecall at 016-488 9328. I generally reply quite promptly but for longer emails or messages please allow a day or two latest especially over the weekend period.

I offer my services at The Space, 39-01 Lebuh Lembah Permai, Permai 32, Tanjung Bungah, Penang, Tel 012 447 0072 on Mondays 2-5pm and Fridays 1-4pm, or at my personal consultation space also in Tanjong Bungah on Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings or Monday and Thursday evenings, as well as alternative Saturday afternoons, with the exception of public holidays. For specific times, this will be arranged by appointment.

What institutional basis supports the counselling and psychotherapy sessions?

My services are part of the Metavision Institute Intern Clinic. Metavision is an institute based in Bowral, Australia, offering graduate and post graduate professional training courses in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy. Its methods are “rooted in conscious and spiritual awareness; while their teachings are geared towards mental wellbeing.” Furthermore, its focus “extends from healing despair to unleashing the power of human potential.

For more information about Metavision Institute, do check their website: https://metavision.com.au/courses/holistic-counselling-and-psychotherapy-course/

Transformative change for the body, soul and spirit, where inner change generates outer change.” Metavision Institute, Australia

How reliable is the service provided by the Metavision Intern Clinic?

Metavision is accredited by the Psychotherapy and Counsellors Federation of Australia (PACFA). It runs an Intern Clinic for professional students in the two year Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Professional Training Programme, and includes serving clients such as yourself. This Clinic is overseen by Metavision’s professionally qualified staff and supervisors. Metavision also provides all clients who participate in the Intern Clinic with a counselling contract and feedback mechanism to contact the Institute should they have any questions and feedback about the therapy offered. Metavision has professional indemnity insurance coverage for all professional students in its programme.

What tradition of Psychotherapy is being offered?

The psychotherapy approach used here is called Process Oriented Psychology, also known as Process Work. This is a holistic psychotherapeutic approach which works on both the conscious and unconscious minds. Through working with the unconscious parts of you, deeper aspects not always obvious are revealed and brought into your awareness.

What is Process Oriented Psychology?

Process oriented psychology was developed in 1970s by Dr. Arnold Mindell, a physicist and psychologist. ”It is a trans-disciplinary approach that integrates principles from Jungian psychology, physics, and information theory”. It also draws from the wisdom and teachings of Buddhism, Taoism, and various indigenous traditions that recognise we all have underlying psychological patterns. These patterns influence our mental, emotional and physical states, and thereby our actions and personal and relationship experiences.

According to its founder, Dr. Mindell “Process oriented psychology uses awareness to track psychological and physical processes that illuminate and possibly resolve inner, relationship, team, and world issues.” [http://www.aamindell.net/process-work ]

If you are interested to learn more about Process Work and the Process Work Institute, see the following website: https://www.processwork.edu/

Today, process oriented psychology is a widely practiced and respected therapeutic approach. The International Association of Process Oriented Psychology (IAPOP) acts as the supervising body for training, accreditation, and certification worldwide. For details, do check https://www.goodtherapy.org/…/t…/process-oriented-psychology.