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Launching my new offerings: ROSE HEART HEALING sessions at the Heart Space

On 10-10-22, a full moon day, I launched my Rose Heart Healing sessions, Petal Healing and Rose Bloom, to heal and expand our emotional and spiritual Heart. While, I’ve been practising Intuitive Chakra and Multidimensional Chakra energy healing since 2015 with good results for clients, I’ve nevertheless been called to offer something specifically for healing our emotional and spiritual Heart. Spending some reflective time over the past months, and recently a couple of weeks in nature with plants and flowers, has awakened the subtle yet powerful energy of the ROSE – the flower and rose quartz crystals, within my healing work.

Rose Heart HealingFor ages, the Rose has been a symbol of Beauty and LOVE, both romantic as well as sacred as seen in various spiritual traditions (mystic Christian, Islam, Egyptian, and others). I’ve long been drawn to the rose for its scent, its beauty, its colour, especially the deep pink, and to its sacred symbolism as the flower of divine-heart or soul-heart. My counselling room set up in 2020 at the Heart Space is known as the Gold Rose room and carries a large image of the Rose because it is connected to the Heart Chakra, particularly the Higher Heart vortex vibrating the frequency of Unconditional Love. I wanted to create a space of unconditional loving acceptance for clients walking in to support them in their healing journey.

As a counsellor and energy healer, I’ve seen many clients with energies tight, or blocked at the chest and Heart chakra area, more than in any other place of the physical and emotional/energetic body. This is also the area where we generally experience our soul consciousness and where soul is restricted or repressed, if not healed and free.

It is therefore not surprising that my higher calling is unfolding more clearly to bring in a new healing modality specially for the emotional, energetic and spiritual heart. The Petal Healing and Rose Bloom sessions (see details of each in the following link under my offerings) commence on 11-11-22. I’m open to bookings now. Both sessions draw on the healing energies of the rose quartz (a crystal that emits beautiful loving frequencies) as well as the divine Goddesses of Love and Compassion. You will be served Rose tea or water to open your senses. A Rose Oracle reading complements the Rose Bloom session, while a one card reading is offered for the Petal Healing session.

For those starting their heart healing journey, I recommend taking the Petal Healing session prior to embarking on the Rose Bloom session so as to focus on healing the emotional heart first. The latter session then seeks to connect you with your soul by expanding and blooming your energetic heart. Next year, I wish to create an extended session for Rose Heart Activation (the Sacred Rose Bloom) channeling more sacred Feminine energies and Higher Heart Light activations for clients to have a deeper sense of their sacred self and experience heart-felt divine connection.

The ROSE HEALING PATH aims to lead us from the sufferings of the human heart, to a more open and connected heart space where the soul can feel more free, joyous, expanded and divinely connected to the sacred feminine.

A. Petal Healing – 60 mins (RM198 energy healing with rose quartz crystals)

Petal Healing works on healing wounded hearts to ease emotional hurt and heavy or blocked heart energies. The session will comfort and relax your heart bringing in forgiveness, more self-love and compassion. You will receive a 30 min energy healing session to help heal and nurture your heart slowly back to ease and grace. During the session, you will be held lovingly while receiving the beautiful healing energies of rose quartz crystals. A one card Rose oracle reading will also be offered together with Rose tea.

It may take several sessions to gradually return to a freer and more open heart-felt state. So it is recommended doing more than one session, or combine it with the Rose Bloom or on-going counselling for deeper healing and heart expansion. Learn to say YES to Love and to regaining a Peaceful and Loving state.

B. Rose Bloom – 90 mins (RM288 energy healing with rose quartz & rose oracle card reading)

The Rose Bloom session will both heal and support your heart expansion. Be the holder of your Heart-Light and let your heart and soul bloom. Meet Angels of Heart-Light and receive new love-light codes to increase your heart/soul connection and expression. You will receive 50-60 minutes of energy healing with the guidance of one or more Goddesses of Love and Compassion (Kuan Yin, Aphrodite, Mother Isis, Lady Nada, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene of the Rose Mystery school). Be guided by channeled messages from these goddesses to bloom your soul-heart.

Enjoy Rose tea/rose water as you receive a Rose card reading that complements the healing session. First timers will receive a rose quartz crystal to work with their on-going heart blooming practice. This session is recommended as a sequel to the Petal Healing (above), or as part of Sarah-Joy’s other counselling and healing sessions.

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