CHAKRA YOGA every Tuesday night 10 week series – 27 Nov. 2018 – 26 Feb. 2019



Full season of 10 classes. The 10 class card is valid up to 26 February 2019. Fee: RM250 for 10 classes or RM30 per single class. A one time registration fee of RM50 is required to join KS DanceSpot.

Come join a wonderful group of students every Tuesday, night for a regular dose of Chakra Yoga practice to reduce stress, create more external and internal balance, peace and overall wellness of body, mind and soul!

CHAKRA YOGA includes the practice of asanas, Hatha yoga (physical movements), pranayama (breath and energy control practices), simple raja yoga (concentration meditation and visualisation practices) as well as yoga nidra and meditation. It is a complete practice for self awakening physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Chakra Yoga focuses on a combination of inner and outer practices in order to help you to develop your whole self by working with both the physical and energetic bodies, through your chakra system.

Classes are suitable for beginners as well as those with some yoga background. Also suitable for those with minor back, shoulder and neck injuries. Classes may be different each week in order to ensure a more balanced and whole practice over the 3 month period.

Bring more Love and JOY into your Life! Sarah-Joy

2020 Gentle Chakra Yoga class videos available online

With the new challenges in 2020 given the covid-19 pandemic and the many lockdowns worldwide as well as the Movement Restriction Order (MCO) in Malaysia since mid March 2020, I began offering a Monday morning online Gentle Yoga and Chakra Yoga classes, first via zoom then shifted to Facebook Live.

While the classes are by donation, I decided to leave the Facebook Live classes on my Chakra Yoga & Energy Healing facebook page so anyone can avail of them. If you’re interested to try one of my classes or want to repeat a class taken earlier can go back to the video. The link to several of my online Gentle Chakra Yoga classes are available on this link

Send me your feedback and do like the video if the class has benefited you in some way. I enjoy learning from your experience. And if you would like to make a donation as an energy exchange do contact me for bank details.

Also if you want to explore a personalised class, consider a private Chakra Yoga session with me. I can support you develop a regular personal practice with proper breathing techniques for improved health and circulation. This can be especially useful if you’re a beginner or healing from any back, shoulder/neck injuries or if you just want a practice that feels comfortable, relaxing and balances your body, mind, emotions and energy! A one hour class at RM120 per session. Information on group sessions to come soon as soon as new arrangements are made for classes in the new normal environment.

You can get more regular updates on my classes and offerings at Chakra Yoga & Energy Healing facebook page

Empowering AJNA, your Third Eye chakra, through chakra yoga practices

Welcome to my intro video on AJNA, the THIRD EYE Chakra which governs your Mental energy and Thought Patterns. The Third Eye chakra influences your Pituary gland, the master gland for your whole ENDOCRINE System and thus how effective your hormonal function is. It also influences your Cerebrum, the thinking aspect of your brain.

As Ajana chakra is situated between the Left and Right lobes of your brain, it helps to ensure more balance in your thought processes by expanding right brain function. This enhances Visual Perception, Imagery, Imagination, Intuition, Insight as well as Dream recall among other more psychic senses.

In Chakra Yoga classes we use visual concentration and guided meditation techniques to activate the Third Eye among other techniques. Check out the video to learn more, join the Chakra Yoga course or on-going classes in Penang, Malaysia.

Connecting with your Sacral Chakra through chakra yoga practices

Introducing the Sacral Chakra and how you can activate your sacral chakra and embrace the water element in your body. What better way to work with your SACRAL CHAKRA than to be in the cool, flowing reinvigorating energy of Water. Water is the element of the Sacral Chakra inviting you to flow with life, to be flexible, move, dance, breathe n enjoy a balance sense of pleasure. It’s your Emotional Identity. This is the second of a 7 part series of mini videos on Chakra Yoga.

For more info check out my Chakra Yoga & Energy Healing fb n website: Namaste!


chakra yoga classes with Sarah-Joy

As the New Year 2018 approaches, I am happy to continue three group chakra yoga and other yoga classes for the first half of the year. The details are as follows below. Each class caters to a different audience, so if you’re not sure which class to join please contact me.

I’m also offering PRIVATE YOGA & Healing sessions. Energy exchange for a private yoga session is RM120 per hour or RM180 for 1.5 hours. Each class caters to your personalised needs. Where needed, I also offer a combination of yoga and energy healing for RM220 for a 1.5 hour session. Other energy healing sessions are mentioned in more detail in the link here



** CHAKRA YOGA Classes – Monday, 10-11.30am

Trial classes on 8 and 15 January 2018 at RM30 per class at The Space, Elaine Yoga studio, Tanjong Bungah.

CHAKRA YOGA includes the practice of Hatha yoga, pranayama (breath practices), raja yoga (concentration meditation and visualisation practices) as well as yoga nidra and meditation. It is a complete practice for self awakening physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Chakra Yoga focuses on a combination of inner and outer practices in order to help you to develop your whole self by working with both the physical and energetic bodies, through your chakra system.

Classes are suitable for those who have attended at least the Chakra Yoga Level 1 course and regular serious yoga practitioners interested to go deeper into their practice. Those who attended level 2 will have a chance to deepen your practices of Pancha Sahita and Swadiyaya (self-reflection and understanding) and other techniques.

Chakra Yoga classes are based on the teachings of my own teacher David Goulet, a yogi of over 45 years practice. David studied directly under Swami Gitananda, a doctor and yogi. David founded the Pyramid Yoga school in Thailand and the Philippines offering Yoga Teacher Trainings on Chakra Yoga. For more information on Chakra Yoga check out the following website link:

Full season of 10 classes begins on Monday 19 February 2018. The 10 class card is valid for 3 months up to 15 May 2018 (depending on your start date). Fee: RM300 for 10 classes.

** GENTLE YOGA CLASSES begin on Wednesday 3 January from 10-11.30am at The Space, Elaine Yoga studio, Tanjong Bungah.

Every Wednesday morning come practice with a group of lovely women. Be ready to nurture yourself with soft music, gentle movements, stretches and slow strength building exercises, lots of deep breathing, and relaxation. Gentle yoga classes works to harmonise your body, mind and emotions so that you feel more balanced and restored after each class. Suitable for those without yoga background as well as those with minor back, shoulder and neck injuries. Classes may be different each week in order to ensure a more balanced and whole practice over the 3 month period.

Book space and purchase your 10 class card valid for 3 months for RM280 only! Single class rate at RM33.

I look forward to work with you to support you in your healing and nurturing journey back to greater health and well-being. Namaste!

** CHAKRA YOGA classes every Thursday night – 7.00-8.30pm at Lifeworks Holistic Centre

Energy exchange of RM300 for 10 classes over 3 months or RM35 per class.

This class combines elements of the Monday Chakra Yoga class but focuses more on dynamic asanas and some elements of flow (Vinyasa). This is a smaller group due to the limited space so more individualised attention is provided.


* INNER DANCE (private and group sessions)

For my information about Sarah-Joy and her work check out her

Contact me for further information or to make bookings: hp 016-488 9328

TRANSFORM WITH SARAH-JOY… a new website for personal transformation


It is with great JOY that I launch this website with the same name: TRANSFORM WITH SARAH-JOY!

Having a website had never crossed my mind as I’ve been operating via my Chakra Yoga & Energy Healing facebook for the past three years. It has been working relatively well so why would I need to burden myself with a whole website and its maintenance?

It was just three weeks ago that the idea came out of the blue (although I know there is nothing that really just comes out of the blue). Since then the internal and external process of setting up the website and the writing of its contents have been cathartic and revelatory. I came to a personal review of how to define my work, and what I would name it.

More importantly, however, I came to re-frame my self and my work life offering so that the “container” would now better serve my soul calling! This container is now a clearer definition of myself as a Transformation Teacher supporting and empowering people to Transform into greater states of Wellness, Freedom and Joy!

TRANSFORM WITH SARAH-JOY is a virtual space to share information about the various offerings I have for the people of Penang and those afar via the inter and inner-net as well as to explore synergies with other teachers, healers and holistic practitioners that could strengthen mutual talents and bring these shared gifts to more people. My offerings range from Chakra yoga classes, courses, workshops, Inner Dance group healing circles and diverse Energy Healing and channeled sessions. Underlying all these sessions however is the aspect of personal responsibility for healing, growth and empowerment. I am therefore most excited about my latest offering for a person’s Transformative Journey!

TRANSFORMATION is such an amazing process! Most people will not be able to truly understand transformation until they are either going through the process themselves or have reached a significant milestone in their growth and, upon looking back, CAN notice how far they have come! The process leading up to transformation can seem scary or overwhelming, especially if one is submerge in constant problems and states of mental confusion.

At the beginning of a personal crisis or major challenge, the initial reaction is very often to fix the situation or oneself thinking that by “repairing” a situation the problem and pain will go away. Often the problem is rooted in deep seated negative belief systems and thought patterns about oneself or others or the world at large. Ingrained habitual tendencies (also often part of repeatitive karmic conditionings) only serve to perpetuate one’s belief system that then reproduce the problem and the challenge may never really go away or be resolved. At best we learn to live with limitations or just accept our lot in life!

A TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY dares you to choose differently for a greater reward often unimaginable! To choose the path initially uncomfortable, but ultimately more Awakening, more Empowering, more Authentic and ultimately more Freeing is to choose the path of being your TRUE SELF! A caterpillar can never know it has the potential to become a Butterfly. Yet, when it does transform it is totally changed: beautiful and free. For us to become a butterfly, we need to choose it. Unlike the butterfly, however, we need to take the decisive steps, put in the consistent effort to change, then be ready to expect a totally different and expansive life!

Great JOY, WELLNESS and FREEDOM is available to everyone, if only you decide to take that courageous step forward. INVEST IN YOUR OWN TRANSFORMATION AND HAPPINESS! Having someone to set you on your journey can help you to move through the scary challenging phase and support you to make the break-throughs needed for real change.

As part of my life work to support and empower others to shift into their own JOY, I am now offering a SPECIAL PACKAGE for PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION. This is a four session package, each approximately two-hours, using a variety of EMPOWERMENT coaching techniques, positive affirmations, channeled guidance, yoga and breath work, including several energy healing sessions to support emotional release, heart centering, chakra balancing and a personal visioning programme to start you off in your new life. Read more under my MISSION section of the website.

MAKE A COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF TODAY to be the person you truly want to be…. Empower yourself towards true Freedom, Joy and Wellness! Launching price for this Transformative Package is RM1288 till 26 March 2017 OR commit this week for a fabulous rate of RM1,111!

Believing in an empowering approach to personal wellness, health, spiritual growth and development, I work to support a person’s own healing and transformation process. My work therefore encompasses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, and see the union in all. The different healing tools and modalities are there to serve the diverse needs of each person who comes to me for their healing and ultimate transformation!

I hope this website, will serve some of your information and healing needs. I’m in the process of developing a RESOURCE section for the website to list some key youtube links by global Transformation Teachers and Healers that have been of great help to me and thousands of others as well as talks by scientists who study and teach about Body-Mind connections and who understand the power of the Mind and the subconscious particularly in changing, healing and transforming ourselves.

Have a great Solar Eclipse today!

Namaste with love and light! Keep your focus on transforming to your greatest JOY!

Sarah-Joy Amin