Chakra Yoga Testimonials:

  • Testimonial from Anna Sams, Photographer, Penang

“Being someone who has scoliosis, and disc degeneration in my neck, the structural misalignment i was diagnosed with last year by my chiropractor, led me to much confusion and helplessness (and depression), as to what i could/could not do when it came to exercising…even just plain movements! Thankfully, i was “guided” to Sarah… a woman who has gone through her own journey of suffering.. and healing. Her patience, understanding, compassion, intuitiveness and perception to my needs, has been a BLESSING. Through yoga classes (private sessions as well), i have realised a lot of what has held me back are my own fears and anxieties. I have started to bend and stretch, and overall i feel my body healing, slowly and surely. My fears and anxieties have lessened. My confidence builds, gradually.

  • Testimonial from Kim Saunders, Yoga practitioner and Board member of the International Women’s Association in Penang

“It has been both my pleasure and good fortune to have been studying Chakra Yoga with Sarah Joy Amin for over 3 years. As a teacher she is very caring and considerate, being able to accommodate many different levels of flexibility in her class. She is able to explain things clearly and concisely to many different nationalities, providing deep insights into how different poses and movements relate to the chakras and their effect on the body and mind. Sarah is naturally intuitive and quickly analyses the needs of each of her students. She makes wonderful use of music, and positive affirmations throughout her sessions. Her classes are very well planned although she is flexible and thoughtful enough to change things according to the energy levels of her students. She facilitates meditation at all levels and always completes a class with time for meditation.

As a person Sarah is a delight to know. In addition to being caring, considerate and intuitive she gives her all to each and every one of her students. She takes time and energy and gives them to her students, and she is an extremely kind, positive and sensitive soul. I am learning so much from her.

Thank you Sarah. I would recommend you and your classes and workshops to every one, unreservedly.”

  • From Gale Metcalf, USA & Penang resident

I first joined a yoga class with Sarah in 2013.  I was a bit apprehensive as it had been many years since I had last practiced yoga.  In the intervening years, I had developed the beginnings of osteoarthritis in both knees and could not (and cannot) kneel. Before deciding to take the class, I discussed this with Sarah. She encouraged me to give it a try, reassuring me that she thought she could accommodate my physical limitations within a regular class and she did!  I was so pleased with the experience that I joined a second weekly class led by Sarah.

Unfortunately in 2015, I fell and broke my knee cap (which healed beautifully) and tore the meniscus/cartilage in my left knee. That tear has not healed. Months of rehab/PT followed. Eventually I felt I wanted to give yoga with Sarah another try. I discussed my new limitations with her and she agreed to take me on as a private student. That was in June, 2016.  I am very pleased with the results and continue as a private student.

I am not claiming that Sarah can accommodate any physical limitation but encourage those who are thinking of yoga but are concerned about a a limitation to discuss your situation with her to see what is possible. You won’t regret it.

  • From Camilla Morgan, Kundalini and Hatha Yoga teacher in U.K.

“I had the pleasure of attending Sarah’s yoga classes in Ibiza at Casa Solara. Sarah is a wonderful teacher, with vibrant energy and a kind and open heart which shines from her when she is teaching. I had not experienced this particular ‘style’ of yoga before ‘chakra yoga’ and I absolutely loved it as we focused on the specific chakra with specific exercises and asanas, some with dynamic breath, some slow and with beautiful affirmations for the chakra which I found very empowering. There was lots of laughter too which is always great to see in a yoga class !! 😉 Sarah is a natural, talented teacher and I would highly recommend attending her classes, I came away feeling vibrant, relaxed and energised.”

Inner Dance Testimonials:

  • From Joanne Johnston, Psychologist and Shamanic practitioner, U.K. and Penang
    “If you are looking to begin exploring the inner reaches of your being or just want to check in with yourself or are curious about the power of your own mind, take time to attend one of Sarah Amin’s Inner Dance Sessions. She beautifully and naturally creates a clear space in which you can feel safe and supported to divine the recesses of your soul with the help of her carefully crafted music sequences, her finely tuned intuition and her human voice. Sarah takes time to weaves together an introduction so that all involved, whatever their experience levels, are clear about how this sacred soul dance evolves during the session and the potential power being offered when we take time to dance to our inner parts. The process of relaxing and deepening into the musical and spiritual energy she creates, works on balancing and healing our bodily and spiritual energies. She allows participant to explore in their own individual ways, finding their own pathways into the dance. I look forward with gratitude to my next Inner Dance session with Sarah, myself and the universe.”
  • Testimonial from Jennifer Mourin, Artist, Activist, Penang
    “I was more than a little bemused and skeptical when I first heard about ‘Inner Dance’. What is this (?), I had wondered in doubt. My friend Sarah-Joy Amin had advertised her very first session, so I decided to give into curiosity, let go of my doubts and GO. My Gosh was it a beautiful sacred revelation!!! Led by Sarah’s soothing intuitive guidance, a whole world of spiritual self awareness and insight opened up for me. I decided to give myself over to this experience, and while I half expected to be jumping around and dancing (as my ignorance of this blessed process led me to believe) — my surrender to the divine led me to an even more beautiful ‘dance’ between my mind, my soul, my heart and my goddesses who I connected with at this session. My first experience was a little fraught with loud cries of catharsis (bordering on violent) from one other participant, but what I ‘saw’ in my sub-consciousness and felt deep in my heart made me keen to surrender to another session. Again, my intuition led me on the right path of self-healing and deep connection with the divine – especially with my goddesses, who seem to use this path to deeply connect with me. I feel so blessed to have learnt about these sessions by Sarah-Joy, and to have given myself over to a process she leads with such grace and love! Thank you Sarah! Until the next Inner Dance” �
  • Testimonial from Michelle Leek, Australia & Penang
    Inner Dance was a very new word to me 6 months ago. Since then I have attended 6 inner dance sessions with Sarah Joy and each time it has been a different experience. I’ve found the best way to approach inner dance is with an open mind, free from expectations and to let the music flow into your meditation as you are comfortably laying down. It is a unique experience and a powerful healing tool for anyone looking for a deeper spiritual connection, inner transformation, healing or relaxation of the mind. I am grateful to have begun a much deeper inner journey thanks to Sarah-Joy Amin’s amazing work!
  • Testimonial from Sara Winge, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Gong Sound Healer, Sweden and Penang
    “Inner dance comments: A deep going method of releasing emotions and also a helpful way to relax. I often don´t realize just how deep I´m into the trance like state until I’m coming out of it. Each session has been very different from the other, always with an impact that often takes a few days to process and digest. Sarah as a facilitator is truly helpful and genuine, and without her it just wouldn´t be the same.”

Energy Healing Testimonials:

  • Testimonial from Reya, USA & Thailand.
    As a chakra healer, Sarah is incredibly intuitive and responsive to the client’s needs. The entire session I felt completely taken care of, as Sarah explained everything calmly and clearly. Our session began with about 30-40 minutes of discussing at length what brought me in. As I talked about what I was working through, she could sense disturbances in my aura when I myself felt darker, heavier. The initial conversation allowed me the opportunity to fully express my obstacles and expectations for our session – Sarah listened with complete openness and offered tremendous insights throughout. After the in-depth consultation, we proceeded to the healing room. Sarah went about her work, using various sounds, crystals, and movements to uncover and remove the blockages in my chakras. I learned so much about myself in this session and received so much guidance – practical tools to use in everyday life as well as clarity about my core identity. Sarah allowed me to record the session, speaking to her generosity and the fact that she truly cares about our growth. I believe Sarah sees and experiences life beyond three dimensions and it is a privilege that she shares this gift with others. I have no idea how or why, but when we first met she felt compelled to call me by my childhood nickname. Her space is also clear, positively energized, and feels completely safe and calm.Sarah is tuned in on so many levels and offers people a chance to heal beyond just this place and time. As I write this, I breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing so much more about myself, my purpose, and my evolution. I cannot wait to work with her again as my journey unfolds. Thank you, Sarah. ❤
  • Testimonial from Krisztina Mercozi, English teacher and Dance facilitator, Hungary & resident in Penang.       Thank you very much for your multi-dimensional healing session this week. I felt save throughout the whole journey – which turned out to be a 2-hour-long one 🙂 I felt your presence, groundedness, you knew what you were doing, which instrument and healing tool to use in each moment. You opened yourself for spirit, to flow through you, and gave the best for me. It was a very intense session for me, very holding, nurturing, with clear messages. The shift was strong in my body and could feel the higher energy’s presence for much longer after I left. I can warmly recommend Sarah’s healing work if you have some blockages in your body, there’s no flow in any areas of your life, or just need clarity in something . Grateful to have met you Sarah, and happy for your presence Here and Now 🙂 Love, Krisztina
  • Testimonial from Klana Andrea Ludwig, Massage therapist and Counsellor, Ibiza, Spain
    “The session I had with you was awesome! You created a cosy environment and I felt completely at ease. Your voice touched my heart and the instruments you used let me instantly move my body. The messages you channeled for me resonated with me, one of them was surprising. I walked out completely delighted and recommended you immediately to my friends who also loved their sessions with you.”
  • Testimonial from Kim Saunders, UK and Penang
    ” Sarah-Joy’s Energy Healing work is extremely powerful and positive and I personally, have benefited greatly from it. I had always wondered what having chakras aligned really meant. The healing energy work balances or rebalances the chakra energies in one’s body and mind promoting a positive feeling of wellness and calm and releases blockages within one’s physical and mental system.”
  • Testimonial from Gosia Cano, expat in Penang “I had a wonderful experience during the healing session with Sarah. Although I was a bit nervous at first as I did not know what to expect, Sarah made me feel ease as soon as we started. I could feel her positive energy and warm personality, so I felt relaxed and very comfortable. In the presence of her guides, she clarified what was standing in my way of not being able to move forward in my journey. She helped me get rid of a doubt that I had and made me realize what path I should take in my life. I really needed to hear these reassuring words. When we finished, I felt like a huge stone was lifted off my shoulder and I felt pure joy in my soul. No wonder Sarah’ s middle name is Joy… Jokes aside, I want to thank Sarah for having this wonderful gift to guide and help others in their journey.”
  • Testimonial from Josie Kirk, Penang and Canada. How do I describe Sarah-Joy ? … one word: Wonderful! This gifted woman is so talented as a spirit guide, and brings so much heart in everything she does. I am very blessed to know her and call her my Friend . When I had my first multi dimensional chakra healing and I won’t lie, I was nervous and excited at the same time. That one session has helped me to better understand myself and my gifts. Sarah is very professional and handles each session with her own uniqueness mixed with humor and sensitivity. Thank you Sarah I have become more aware of who I am, and how to help others with my gifts .
  • Testimony from Maja, Penang and Germany. “After my first Inner Dance group session with Sarah, I felt like I needed a private healing with Sarah because I felt quite uncomfortable. The Inner Dance brought up some issues and I wanted to change this because I was feeling confused and unbalanced. From the start of the Multi-dimensional Chakra Healing process I felt comfortable and it even went very deep. During the session I knew I had to let go and accept certain situations and forgive the past before I would be able to rise with my soul. Ever since I did the chakra healing session I know exactly what I want for me, for my body and my soul, to keep me balanced and centered. Without this, I would not be able to give out to others without feeling drained. I want to take this opportunity to thank Sarah for the gift she has, to guide and help others on their journey of life.”