ABOUT Sarah-Joy

About Sarah-Joy

Sarah-Joy Amin is a Transformation Teacher, Holistic Counsellor & Psychotherapist, Chakra Yoga instructor, Inner Dance facilitator and energy healer. Based in Penang, Sarah-Joy has been on the spiritual path for over 20 years, stABOUT Sarah-Joyarting with Buddhism in the 1980s, then expanding into yogic practices and a Oneness approach to spirituality from 2010 onwards. Her Buddhist path deepened when she met her heart guru, Dagpo Lama Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist practising Lama, in 1993. Her journey with Rinpoche has been profound and given her the spiritual foundation that has paved the way for all other spiritual paths to come. For more about Rinpoche check out the section under MY TEACHERS.

Twenty years later in 2013 Sarah-Joy sought out yoga and did her teacher training in the Chakra Yoga Tradition at the Pyramid Yoga school in Thailand (see http://www.pyramidyoga.com/aboutus/). She was introduced to yoga during her adolescent years and resumed her yoga practice in Jan 2010 after almost two decades of spinal injuries. In Dec. 2013, she also completed the 108 hour Yoga for Healers course deepening the healing aspect of her yoga practice. Her main teacher, David Goulet, is a yogi with over 45 years’ experience in the nine forms of Yoga, while her other teachers come from several traditions including Tai Chi Yoga, Yoga Pilates, Kundalini and Vinyasa Yoga.

Sarah-Joy is committed to yoga for she has seen how the practice has helped her through critical periods coping with physical injuries as well as healing deep emotional stresses. She is sensitive to students with special needs, especially those with back, shoulder and neck pains. The Yoga Healers course has additionally given her the background to help those with different health needs. She now offers weekly Chakra Yoga classes, Level 1 and Level 2 Chakra Yoga courses and various workshops, including one for improving back health. Practising yoga in the outdoors is one of her passions. She offers at least one outdoor class a week and special outdoor yoga sessions during public holidays or upon requests for company or organisational retreats or events.

At about the same time as her yoga journey, Sarah-Joy was guided to meet the Inner Dance community in Pahlawan, Philippines and since then has been growing in the Inner Dance system. She encountered a form of Inner Dance (similar to spontaneous Qi Gong) over a decade ago, but immersed herself more intensely in the process especially after meeting Pi Villaraza, Inner Dance founder in the Philippines in Oct 2012. Sarah-Joy now leads monthly group inner dance circles and offers private sessions in Penang. Inner Dance has complemented Sarah-Joy’s yoga practice as both traditions bring the yin and yang, the inner and the outer together, blending form and flow into a holistic healing and transformation journey. See http://www.innerdanceprocess.org/

In Sept 2016, Sarah-Joy trained with Solara Anra, world renown channeler, on Channeling and Multi-dimensional Chakra Healing (see http://www.solara.org.uk/about.aspx). This training enhanced her energy healing work from an earlier more fluid intuitive form of healing into the multi-dimensional healing mode with diverse Light energies. Sarah-Joy is increasingly enjoying the energy healing work which often comes with channeling and intuitive guidance.

In 2014, Sarah-Joy was also trained in A Simple Path (ASP), a transformational coaching programme (see http://asptosuccess.com/) with Ahana Lara and Daniel Nilon which adds another empowering dimension to her transformative work. She now integrates all the practices of yoga, inner dance, energy and sound healing and ASP transformative coaching into a synergistic approach in her work and services, as and when appropriate, making her offerings a lot more holistic and responsive to specific needs of her clients.

From 2019 to 2020, Sarah-Joy did her 2 year post-graduate professional training in Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy with the Metavision Institute in Bowral Australia. Its methods are “rooted in conscious and spiritual awareness; while their teachings are geared towards mental wellbeing.

Prior to her yoga and healing path in 2013, Sarah-Joy worked for over 20 years with a non-profit global organisation called the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA), a global health advocacy organisation, and was its Executive Director. She now brings over two decades of social activism, gender equity, health awareness, social justice and people’s empowerment skills to her transformative and healing work!