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COMING ON 1 MARCH 2017 – NEW INNER DANCE WORKSHOP – Understanding Energy & the Chakra System related to the Inner Dance framework

Posted by admin on February 24, 2017


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INNER DANCE WORKSHOP This workshop will take Inner Dance to a deeper level, helping you to better understand the ENERGY world, how you as an Energy Being can tap into higher consciousness, how the Chakra system ties in with the Inner Dance experience, how sound affects brain wave states creating different inner experiences during an Inner Dance Journey. This workshop…

SOUND HEALING WORKSHOP & CONCERT in Penang, Sunday 19 March 2017 - first time with Shervin Boolarian

Posted by admin on February 17, 2017


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SOUND HEALING WORKSHOP & SUFI NIGHT CONCERT IN PENANG, SUNDAY 19 MARCH, 2017 MAGIC is happening for the first time in Penang with Shervin Boloorian! BOOK YOUR EARLY BIRD TICKETS NOW! If I were u I would book NOW!!! 🙂 First time ever in Penang! Note that there are two events: an afternoon workshop that is more relaxed and healing where…

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