I’m so excited to embark on a new project with my dear friend and soul sister, artist and soul activist, Jennifer Mourin, called LIVING IN A NEW EARTH! While the project is still in it’s infancy and still taking shape as a fetus morphs every day in its mother’s womb, so too is this project. Yet as I write up sections of the project content today I’m feeling a calling to share the early draft pieces. Inner guidance is telling me that it is not just the final product that will be of support and inspiration to people, but even the early etchings and ideas will be positive and helpful to those who will read and hear these words in the NOW! Hence my first contribution 



(Note the above image is a painting by Jennifer Mourin called THE RAPTURE, Mother Earth series)

The TIME IS NOW to Wake Up. Make a Change!

Wake up! The time is NOW! If you have been going through life pretty much the same and often with one challenge 
after another, whether personal or in the collective then it’s time for change. Many people live life with all kinds of 
dissatisfaction yet stay in the same situation, complaining or putting up with the situation. This is an old energy 

Life does not need to be painful, mundane, up and down or, at best, OK. Life in the New Earth is meant to be Amazing.
... fulfilling, meaningful, mysterious, joyful and abundant. If you haven’t felt any of these emotions in a long time then
something deep needs to change. 

Review your work or career; take stock your your relationships, personal and other; assess your daily routines and 
check if these bring you joy or just more of the same; are your belief systems and religious ideas expanding or 
constricting you and your Mind? Is the way you look at Life and Reality bringing you more positive emotions or just 
creating more doubts, worries and constant fears?

All these can change, and you have the power to Make the Change! Start with the first step!

* Take time to pause and assess how your life is going? At whatever age or situation you are in life, change is possible. 
Choose the path towards greater peace, ease and happiness.

* Wake up early each morning. Take time to be in sunlight or at least to gaze out of your window for a few minutes 
and breathe. The sun not only brings heat, solar light and new energy but new light codes that will help rewire your brain 
and nourishes your physical and etheric bodies.

* Do something different each day. Find a new path to walk or drive on. Take a new course. Listen to a different kind 
of music or youtube speaker. 

* Make a decision to change what is painful in your life. Once a DECISION is Made, the next steps are easier. Take the 
first step and the Universe will support all your steps forward!




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