Empowering AJNA, your Third Eye chakra, through chakra yoga practices

Welcome to my intro video on AJNA, the THIRD EYE Chakra which governs your Mental energy and Thought Patterns. The Third Eye chakra influences your Pituary gland, the master gland for your whole ENDOCRINE System and thus how effective your hormonal function is. It also influences your Cerebrum, the thinking aspect of your brain.

As Ajana chakra is situated between the Left and Right lobes of your brain, it helps to ensure more balance in your thought processes by expanding right brain function. This enhances Visual Perception, Imagery, Imagination, Intuition, Insight as well as Dream recall among other more psychic senses.

In Chakra Yoga classes we use visual concentration and guided meditation techniques to activate the Third Eye among other techniques. Check out the video to learn more, join the Chakra Yoga course or on-going classes in Penang, Malaysia.