WHO AM I… Musings during this Equinox


I AM SPIRIT! I AM MIND! I AM BODY! I AM all these and at the same time, NONE of these! I am the air I breathe, the space I stand on and the space I move about in, I am SOUL in my actions and my movements creating the energy and thought forms in my environment that interact back with me. I am in constant engagement with my feet, my arms, my face… my self, I am Light that pours through the morning hours and the Light that fades into the dark night… I am the vibration I hear and feel… I am that which I feel and touch, I am also that which I look at and see as separate and Other. How can I reach out to the Other without the distance of space between us? Yet, the space between us allows me to see that which is outside of me and yet NOT truly ever outside of me. In this apparition of duality, I come to know myself through the Other. Through the apparition of duality I come to learn about the Oneness of All Things! The integration of Self with the cosmos … My Art is the journey of interdependence to reconnect the Parts, to become Whole… to bring others into Wholeness through my soul work… through seeing you and Other as perfect as they Are!

I AM THE FORCE, THE MAGIC IN THE UNIVERSE… Find me, play with me… as I see you and Play with you! The journey to wholeness is the journey through the forest of pain and separation into the plateau of equanimity, spaciousness, Light and Love!

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