12-12 2017 Meditation at 12 noon – Awakening to 5D Reality

12-12 MEDITATION on Tuesday, 12 December at 12pm
Energy Exchange: ONLY RM50
Venue: Berjaya Court, Pulau Tikus
Register and make payment by: Friday 8 December 2017.
Contact me at 016-488 9328

Bring a yoga mat, cushion or shawl and anything else to make yourself comfortable. Also welcome some fruits, nuts, flowers or anything else you like to share with the group after the session as a little gathering of loving nurture and generosity as we enter the Christmas period.May this window of yet another important energetic portal or gateway help you to shift even further into your personal unfolding. The energies of the 10-10, 11-11 gateways have pushed you into more deep releasing in order to embrace a new and even raw aspect of Self, newer, fresher and freer in many ways.

If you’re still holding on to past energetic patterns that need letting go off and you’re needing a supportive space to prepare for 2018, do join me on 12-12 at 12pm. Come a little earlier to settle into your space.

I have on purpose decided to hold this 12-12 Meditation in my “empty” apartment while it awaits a new owner as a symbolic move to be in your own zero point – EMPTY SPACE – of CREATION while going even deeper to make anew!

Those interested to join please indicate and let me know soon so I can plan accordingly. Many thanks and looking forward to mutually creating a new inner and outer space for ourselves collectively as we invite the New Year!

Love and Joy! Sarah-Joy

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