TRANSFORMATIVE JOURNEY PACKAGE – Sign up before 5 March for the very special rate of RM1,111 ONLY!

TRANSFORMATIVE JOURNEY PACKAGE launched this week for ONLY RM1,111. Already 4 sign ups! Why are you still waiting? After Saturday 4 March, the price is RM1,288.

TRANSFORMATIVE JOURNEY is a four session Coaching Programme, each approximately two-hours, using a variety of EMPOWERMENT coaching techniques, positive affirmations, channeled guidance, yoga and breath work, including several energy healing sessions to support emotional release, heart centering, chakra balancing and a personal visioning programme to start you off in your new life. The sessions can be spaced out over 3-4 months or whatever timeframe that suits you but no more than 6 months. I will meet with you every few weeks or at least once a month for our sessions. In between sessions you will have homework to practice self-healing and self-empowerment techniques which we will review in each following session.

Underlying these sessions is the aspect of personal responsibility for healing, growth and empowerment. MAKE A COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF TODAY to be the person you truly want to be….

TRANSFORMATION is such an amazing process! Most people will not be able to truly understand transformation until they are either going through the process themselves or have reached a significant milestone in their growth and, upon looking back, CAN notice how far they have come! The process leading up to transformation can seem scary or overwhelming, especially if one is submerge in constant problems and states of mental confusion.

A TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY dares you to choose differently for a greater reward often unimaginable!Great JOY, WELLNESS and FREEDOM is available to everyone, if only you decide to take that courageous step forward.


Namaste with love and joy! Sarah-Joy
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